What's A Gal To Do?

It's not easy to figure out what to do.

We've been digging in to the word "Discernment" as a church staff lately and looking at what it means in our everyday lives.  The Bible gives us overarching guidelines we need to adhere to - like "Don't kill people" in the Old Testament, and "Don't even hate people" in the New Testament.

But, you can't just say to do what the Bible says. Sometimes the Bible isn't so clear. Fairly often even it forwards two completely different responses. Here are a few examples: 


- Share the truth in love ~ Love covers a multitude of sins

- Judge wisely ~ Don’t judge at all

- Give to everyone who asks ~ Don’t throw your pearls before swine

- Don’t take anything with you ~ Prepare well

- Be the head and not the tail ~ Be the servant of all

- Be angry and sin not ~ Be at peace with all men

You get the picture. Even the same situation in a different season of your life will require new discernment

The Bible points us to a...

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Going From "Freeze Framing" To Reframing

Ever feel like someone put you on a hard pause when that "thing" happened? It's like they can't let you move forward. You feel marked forever as not able to do whatever you messed up on.

Or maybe you put yourself on a hard pause and said you will never try "that" again?

Or one more, maybe have you put someone else on a hard pause and in your heart thought "they can't really..."?

At Bridges Coaching, we call this Freeze Framing. It's like when you hit the pause button on a video and the person is stuck as they are, frozen, not able to move forward. The swirling thoughts are all negative and limiting. They don't allow for growth, change, or transformation.

I'll be honest. I have done it myself. I've wondered if I could finish projects, learn new skills, incorporate new habits, be more thoughtful, have patience, or be more...

I'm embarrassed to say that I've freeze framed others as well. I've not asked them to do something they weren't great at the first time, or avoided getting...

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What If It's Simpler Than You Thought?!

What's your recurring dream?

  • Love to have a family vacation?
  • Want to write a book?
  • Hoping to be more at peace and sleep better?
  • Like to feel healthier and maybe have a little less around the middle?

Whether your dreams are for fun or accomplishment, for physical health or emotional well-being, or to upgrade your personal life or be a better assist to someone else, turning hopes and dreams into reality and memories could be as easy as good coaching!

Good Coaching helps you define the goal, remove the obstacles that have impeded forward movement, and set up a plan with reasonable action steps and clear follow-through. 

Maybe it is YOU* that is hoping and dreaming, or maybe you'd like to help others get unstuck. Walking down the Bridges Coaching ROAD helps people get "there". 

Where would you love to build a bridge to? 

Start here:

*Best Option: Life Coach Certification

Next Best Option: Coach Training Video Course

*Life Coaching: Associate Coaches Connections


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Got Stuff? (or know someone who does?)

We've all been there... had times when something happened to us? Or when we dropped the ball on a priority or responsibility? 

Stuff happens.

So, whether you are dealing with a trauma or a recurring obstacle, a circumstance outside your control, or perhaps just a practice you want to have that you can't figure out have to make part of your actual life, you know what? God is not surprised! 

In fact, He loves to meet us where we are at and help us along our way to the nexts He has for us. In Bridges Coaching, we use the Always Circle to help people know where they need to go next.



Jesus said, "In this world, you WILL have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world." John 16:33b

He confirmed there will always be stuff.

BUT God also promises that He gives us a way out of temptation (1 Corinthian 10:13) and that He IS guiding us (Proverbs 4:11). 

Good coaching helps people see what God is offering them! 

Then the rest is up to us!...

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Living Your Life On Purpose Can Happen! (Our gift to you this season)

Most people really do want to live their lives on purpose, but then another year passes and that thing didn't happen, or the habit didn't change, or the project never moved forward...

Choosing your goals, owning your pathway, making SMART goals, and guarding your gains are steps we walk you through in the LIfe On Purpose personal workshop.

ON SALE NOW through Jan 2nd for 80% off - just $17. 

We offer the pathway and you choose your journey - makes a great gift too!

More info here if you like.

May God guide your every next!

Cindy and the Bridges Team

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4 Simple Steps to Get There - Use the Coaching ROAD

Helping people help people is what Bridges Coaching is all about! If you are in the business of helping it can be easy to take responsibility for other people’s forward movement, but even God offers free will. That is why coach training is so valuable!

Here is a pathway of simple questions that can benefit both you and the people you work with. Let’s take a conversational trip on the Bridges Coaching ROAD:


R = Recognition

Sometimes the “Ah ha” moment a person is looking for can be as simple as figuring out what they are really trying to figure out. God is always moving us toward alignment with His purposes in our lives and our world. People may ramble in conversation and helping them move forward may be as simple as asking some directed questions:

What is it that you really want to focus on?

Friends of this question could be: What is the core issue?  or What is the question you need answered?

In any event, this is...

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How To Turn Your Hopes Into Reality (Easy guide to SMART goals)

Everything starts with an idea, but some of the best ideas never grow to become real. Having ideas is a great and important first step. Making quality goals changes outcomes and ultimately transforms lives. 

It has been said that if you aren’t sure where you are going you will surely get there (nowhere) or if you fail to aim you aim to fail!

In order to have a step-by-step plan or leading from God you need to have steps. You can always change them as He leads, but having them keeps in motion. It is always easier to turn a moving ship, car, bike, skateboard... whatever.

To quote American philanthropist Elbert Hubbard,

"Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal."

Dreams are unrefined hope and cost-free aspirations that we might do someday. Converting a dream into a goal is a decision to take tangible steps to pursue it. Goals are specific future targets that we...

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3 Ways To Keep That One Holiday Conversation From Getting Highjacked!

Not looking forward to certain conversations over the holidays? Let's talk about that friend or family member who is stuck. They have been thinking about doing something new or moving toward a goal, but they've been hovering around the idea or stuck in the hurt or habit for months, or maybe even years...

What if that holiday conversation could be something you looked forward to?

What if you could reframe that tricky topic as an opportunity to connect with God by sharing His deep love for that person? 

What if you could slow down and feel Him close, for yourself, during this season?

The possibilities for engaging with the Light during this season are more available than you may realize. If you seek Him, He can be found! Here are 3 simple tips that could make all the difference!

1- Release control!

What?! I hear it. You don't think you want to control others, that sounds so.... controlling. What you really want is for them to "get unstuck", find traction and be...

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Life Changing Gift Idea? (for your gift list or wish list)

Wish you could give a gift that would truly make a difference in someone's life?

Want to ask for something that could actually make next year THE year you moved forward?

"Traction" could be your answer.

This interactive workbook is a self-coaching step-by-step guide that walks you down the pathway called the coaching ROAD. Filled with inspirational photos and quotes, this book is designed to be used by an individual, a couple, or even a team.

Who do you know that could use some Traction? (Someone in a transition, or considering a new next step- a pastor or leader who could use these tools for helping others?)

Or maybe that person is you? Put this book on your list! (if you have been secretly considering coach training this would be a good first step!)

Check out our other product options for additional meaningful gifts*! 

This Christmas could be the beginning of something life-changing!

Merry Merry!

*If you decide on a personal retreat, video course, or any item that requires a...

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Four Flavors of People Who Benefit Coach Training [You probably are at least one of them]

Coach Training isn't only for those who want to become professional coaches. Almost everyone can benefit.

Have you ever wanted to help someone but were not sure what to say or do?

Wish you could have more meaningful conversations?

Tired of hearing the same ol,' same ol', from a coworker or family member?

Most people who take Bridges Coach training are NOT looking to become professional coaches. (But they CAN move in that direction if they so choose.)

Here are four actual people groups who have benefited from coach training!

Parents - of kids still at home, but also of adult children.

Learning to craft questions that help children make wise choices is incredibly valuable and empowering! IT takes the strain off the relationship and actually brings hope. One father of an adult child said, "I used to dread our weekly phone calls. I felt compelled to try and keep him in line and that wasn't fun for either of us. Now, I ask him questions that help him make his own choices and I actually...

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