Does It Really Work? [Destiny by Design #5 of 5]

Four stories of destiny development from our Destiny by Design alumni.

Story 1 is about a pastor who took the course after being "released" to pursue his faith elsewhere from a church that no longer wanted him there in ministry. It had come to light that the minister in question had differing beliefs about God moving personally in people's lives.

He actually used his Destiny by Design portfolio project as part of his interview process before moving to serve at a new church that welcomed and valued his views on God's personal connection.

Story 2 is from a woman who thought her passion was to become a speaker on a circuit. When she realized the motivation under the desire was to bring refreshing to people, her dream shifted to a goal of launching a non-profit that would serve ministers and front-line givers, like health care professionals or first responders, by providing respite places. It's a big vision that will be her ultimate contribution.

Story 3 has a main character...

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What's At Stake? 5 Reasons To Consider! [Please read #1 & #5 before Monday]

This is one of my personal favorite enlightening questions.

"What's at stake?" can take me from not knowing whether or not to move forward to being more sure of a next step. 

I've seen people I have been coaching get complete clarity when they talk out what is at stake if they do, or don't do, whatever it is they are thinking about.

The answer to "What's at stake?" is usually clear to me. It has to do with following the Spirit's guidance in my life. If I feel like God is leading me a certain way then what's at stake is my obedience to Him. Following that prompting, in turn, affects my ability to hear Him the next time He is guiding me.

Sometimes it is hard to know if a prompting is really God, or just us. 

Sometimes we feel compelled, but the circumstances don't line up quite yet.

Whatever your situation, if God is prompting you to consider coach training at this time, say "Yes". 

Here are 5 reasons why it might be time and also what could be at stake.

1- Coach...

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