Who Is The Story About? (Hint: Jesus flipped this all around!!)

We all do it. We make the story about us. It's human nature for us to think of our part and forward how awesome it is.

In marketing, it is common for the product or service to be the main character in the sale. We hear things like, "Our _________ will be the answer", or "We have the best __________". (I've done this before comparing our coach training to others...)

StoryBrand teaches that the person being coached needs to be the main character. When a brand offers to help you be a better you, to serve you in some kind of way, you are much more likely to buy in rather than when they tell you how amazing they are. If something, or someone, truly wants to serve us, it is so different!

Sound familiar? Kingdom culture is like this!

Jesus said He came into this world "not to be served, but to serve". Honestly, this makes me kind of sad. He deserved/s to be served!! 

Good coaching is about serving! It's not about coming in to save the day with the coach being the...

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