Meaningful Gifts

Who's on your gift list? Maybe we can help you with a meaningful gift that could shift someone's life, helping them find traction on their faith journey!

Got any recent retirees or upcoming graduates? We recommend Destiny by Design. We've seen all sorts of people make significant life course choices once they understood more about their divine design. Use the code: MEANINGFUL for $100 off any of the offerings. Check out the webpage for more information. (This course has also been helpful for those considering a career shift and empty next moms wondering what is next.)

Got any singles on your list? Recently released Playing with Matches is a guidebook of sorts for Christian dating principles. It is chock full of real stories and includes practical and authentic advice for how to navigate an ever-changing world with age-old faith-based principles. Might be the best $15 you spend this season.

Love to give someone the gift of coaching. Here's the best bang for your...

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