Dealing With Holiday Overwelm!

There's so much to do to prepare for the holidays!

Each layer deserves (maybe even demands) your attention - the travel plans, the gifting, the food. And then there's the relational connections - the upcoming conversations, the desire to make good memories together and not to have rubs or jabs or controversy. 

This most wonderful time of the year can easily become not-so-wonderful...

So, what's a person to do? What would it give you to feel like you had a handle on this season and it wasn't just happening to you?

Here's some tips to move toward experiencing peace on earth and joy to the world!

1) Identify your angst.

  • is it that you just need to take time to get organized? (*scroll down a bit for a plan) 
  • are you feeling the pressure of guilt or obligation?
  • is materialism clouding your view?

2) Take it to Jesus

Oh, how He wants to meet you in this season. In every season really. He wants to clarify what is unclear. He wants to bring peace where there is...

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