WARNING: There's Always Going To Be Stuff...

Ever feel overwhelmed - like there is just too.  much.  stuff.  ?

Sometimes it is your own stuff - like facing a transition, a misunderstanding, a loss, or working hard to accomplish a goal. Maybe even wondering if you are on the right path or will ever achieve what you had hoped for. 

As I get older other people's stuff weighs on me more - like my adult children's stuff or the people I work with or serve in ministry.

It could be health stuff, job stuff, relational stuff, financial stuff, house stuff... There could almost be endless categories. Stuff can be overwhelming. Stuff can steal your hope and your joy. It can distract you and blind you to all that is beautiful and good in life.

In Bridges Coaching, we talk about the Always Circle. It has three parts and the first one is: There's always going to be stuff. (Stay tuned for the next two blogs where we will explore the other two.)

It's true. There's always going to be stuff, but take heart.

Jesus said,


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Dealing With “That” Song... when your reality doesn’t line up with the promises


Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes when I sing a song that says something like “He won’t fail” it kind of sends me into a bit of a tailspin. (Or maybe it’s the one that says, “God is good, good, so good...”)

I think of so many situations that still really hurt, or are confusing, or didn’t happen, and it makes me feel awkward singing a song like that.  

Here are some situations that come to my mind:

  • The accident that took young parents from their children.
  • The couple that birthed a still-born child after years of infertility.
  • The man who prayed for healing but still deals with chronic pain.
  • The family who felt like God was guiding them to launch a business, but it’s been years and the business is just making it.
  • The person who faced a trauma well, but then slowly drifted from active faith.
  • Someone waiting ... for a transplant, or a husband, or a baby or ...
  • The woman who is diligently trying to make an impact but often feels...
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