How To Deal With All The Feels!

Hi, Natalie here. I am Cindy Scott’s third daughter.

She gave me the privilege of writing a guest blog for her. I promise to be brief but I have to brag on my mom a little first.

She and I have only 1 letter that matches in Myers Briggs, N. When I was growing up, she could’ve shut me down for all my feelings, instincts and impulses. Instead, she championed my different personality and helped me understand that who I am is a gift.

I know she has done that for a lot of people reading this blog and if she has, you should drop her a thank you because she doesn’t get enough of those! 

I am done bragging now.

I am a Feeler and I am learning to be proud of that.

For those of you out there who are also feelers, sometimes it can feel like you are a slave to your emotions. Today my goal is to help you see your emotions as tools instead of feeling like a slave to them.

Feelings can be triggered by lots of things.

When they are happy, you feel like the crab Rangoon...

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