Passion Week Devo - Why is sin such a big deal? [Friday]

Sin, by definition, is “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law” or in more simple terms “doing something wrong”. And we all have done it. Sinned. Done something wrong. If we say we haven’t, we are lying and there you go – we did something wrong!

So, if we all do it, why is it such a big deal?

The answer is very beautiful and very painful.

God’s plan for us and for the whole world was that we would live sinless lives – in perfect harmony and relationship with him and others. But you know the story - Adam and Eve messed up and ate the fruit. The one thing they were not supposed to do and they just went ahead and did it.

It cost them their close relationship with God. There was a separation between them that happened at that point.

Not only that. Because of sin, all sorts of evil entered the world. Sickness came. Hate came. Unkindness and evil of all flavors is here because of sin.

And it’s not...

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