bonus blog~BASICCON, Bridges and benefits! (time-limited offers)

basciccon Mar 29, 2023

Hey friends,

I'm off to BASICCON this weekend and wanted to let you in on some offers we created just for this weekend!

But first - what is BASICCON? Thanks for asking! BASIC stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. It's a network of college students in the Northeast who come together to enjoy life, learn about God, and make difference in the world. BASICCON (think conference)  is a gathering of the various groups in one location - this year Rochester, NY.

If you have a college campus near you but have never heard of BASIC, connecting with them could give your church a means to reach out to young adults and invest in them as they launch into the next generation of the church. Maybe it's worth looking  into.


This weekend I'll be doing the Saturday afternoon workshop. I'm sharing a short version of our Life On Purpose personal workshop retreat. Since we won't be able to go through the entire workshop we are offering the video course for an...

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