4 Steps To Escape From Your Monsters! ...kind of dark post at first...

Do you believe in MONSTERS?!

Step One to escaping your monsters is believing that there are monsters!

It can be easy just to pretend there are no monsters. We can avoid dealing with negative things in our lives, or we can place the blame on ourselves and wallow in condemnation.

1 Peter 5:8 says,

Control yourselves and be careful! The devil, your enemy, goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to eat. (NCV)

Other versions say "devour", whatever version you use it's clear we have an enemy who wants to hurt us. To ruin us even. To place us in a state of fear, anger, or shame that discredits us and isolates us from others and from God.

Step Two to escaping your monsters is to identify them!

I think each of us is susceptible to different "monsters". We each have different internal designs that cause us to be susceptible to different negative thought patterns that take us into scary places. 

What do your monsters look like?

In full disclosure, I deal with all kinds of lies...

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Obstacle Illusion

There’s an unusual pathway near our home where you can see a quarry lake (that’s when a former quarry fills up with water) on one side of road about a 100 feet down. On the other side of the road is a steep drop about 300 feet to a river that is disconnected to the lake.

One day as we were walking down the path something unusual happened with the sun or something and the river appeared to be only 10 feet away. It must have been some odd kind of reflection. Both my husband and I noticed it and I said, “That’s weird, it must be some kind of obstacle illusion.”

Freudian slip perhaps. But I believe God had something in that phrase for us. Sometimes we think things are something they really aren’t.


 What if the obstacle that has been holding you back is just an optical illusion?

What if there is a path around the hurdle you feel you can’t get over?

What if you could move forward in victory instead of living your life looking backward...

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