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Bridges Coaching offers personal pathways to forward your journey or help others along their way through coaching.

Life Coach Training

Coach Training equips you with the skills to listen powerfully and encourage others to own their journey with God. Bridges Coaching's life coach certification can take your personal and work effectiveness to the next level.

Destiny by Design Discovery

Each of us was designed by God! Learn how to identify your internal DNA - who God made you to be - and thereby identify your ultimate destiny. And BONUS: learn how to help others identity their design as well.

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What's your next?

Build your own bridges to what could be with a Bridges Certified Associate Coach, a personal retreat or workshop or both!

Soul Care Personal Retreat

Journey toward healthy Soul Care as Eric and Cindy Scott guide you through video prompts to a personal encounter with God that will refresh and replenish your soul. 

Ready to Replenish

Certified Associate Coaches

Whether you are pursuing an accomplishment or letting go a habit, you can turn your dream into a goal by partnering with one of our Bridges certified life coaches.

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Life on Purpose Personal Workshop

Intentional living is yours for the taking! Life On Purpose will walk you through choosing your next goal and walk you down the Bridges Coaching ROAD on your personal journey.

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