Discover the Destiny God Designed for you

Unlock the personal path God has created for you, and learn how to lead others in finding their destiny as well!

Ever wonder what your best life could look like?

Pursue your preferred future to its fullest potential

It's a common question: "What should I do? Which way should I go?"

Sometimes it's easy to know something's future: if you're an acorn, it's easy to know you're supposed to grow up to be an oak tree! But for most of us, we can use a little help drawing out and identifying how God has made us.

Your destiny is seeded within you and this course will uncover your unique design including things like:

  • your motivational gift
  • your 7 mountains calling
  • your passions
  • your personality type
  • your dreams

and even more!

Along the way you'll be writing your own personal Life Purpose Statement!

Then, whether you choose to do the coursework on your own or with a coach you'll walk away with action steps to start the transformation of turning your dreams into goals!

What's seeded in you?

Join in the journey! The adventure has just begun!

If your life story was a Netflix series, would you love it?

If you've been wondering if there's more to life than you've experienced so far, maybe it's time to make some new goals, pursue some dormant interests, or risk that adventure you've always dreamed about. Unlock your destiny so you can live the fullest life God has for you.

Adventure is out there! 

Hi, I'm Cindy Scott. Maybe our stories are similar?

You know that place between awake and asleep when you think about things that could be? I have some crazy ideas and dreams in there sometimes.

What if some of your dreams were actually inspired by God? What if my dreams or yours, are His heart trying to break out and impact the world around me?

I dream about writing books, doing retreats, sharing life-changing moments with people. I dream about leading a staff that shares the coaching paradigm and destiny discovery dreams I have. I dream helping couples love being married and walking through life together.

Each of us has different interests, skills and dreams. But there is one thing we all have in common:

God designed us all to enjoy adventure.

No one watches a TV series where nothing really happens and no one does anything. That series never even made it to a pilot.

And yet sometimes we think our lives are supposed to be like that. Drama free.

If there is no drama, no stuff to deal with, then there is no adventure.

Sometimes drama is imposed on us and the focus of our current season is chosen for us, like getting through something, healing, etc.

But, what if God is putting "What if..." ideas in your heart because He is offering the inspiration for a new season.

God doesn't want the drama of your life to end after this next episode.

There is always more. What's your next step?

Here's me and my good-looking husband Eric!

We got our start in ministry over 30 years ago and have served in roles ranging from group home house-parents, to youth ministry leaders, to working as deans in a Bible college, and care pastoring in local churches. Our journey has been an adventure every step of the way!

(This pic is actually from an adventure we had on the Sea of Galilee visiting our daughter in Israel last year.)

Over the years my life has been profoundly impacted by the power of coaching - helping others take ownership of their lives and work - and destiny discovery - helping people reveal the purposes of God in their lives.

Over the last 11 years I've received a Masters in Ministry, four coaching certifications, and then I launched Bridges Coaching in 2011. Since then I've amassed over 1,000 hours coaching and Bridges has certified over 150 life coaches.

I love equipping believers and ministry leaders to reach their full potential in the Kingdom. How could Destiny by Design help you? Read on for more details.

5 Biblcial Truths about Destiny

God's will for your life has been in you all along!

  • God has plans for each of us specifically. 
  • He plants His will within us. Like seeds grow to whatever is in their DNA, He has planted dreams and desires in us that are unique to His plans for us. 
  • He sovereignly guides us.
  • Each of us has a different purpose in the Body of Christ.
  • We each have choices to make that will connect or disconnect us with His plans for our lives. 

That last one is kind of poignant. We each have choices to make that will connect or disconnect us with His plans for our lives.

Sometimes we just think we can let life happen to us and it will all work out.

However, when we stop intentionally seeking God for what is next, we default to accepting the status quo - scary!

What if we lived life on purpose? What if we researched those seeds He has planted in us, understood our strengths and unique giftings, learned when to say ‘yes’ and how to say ‘no’? Only God knows what could happen!

Literally only God knows – unless we ask Him and act on what we believe He is leading us toward.

Here's three questions to ask to see if your "What if... " idea is from God:


1) Does it offer to help solve a problem?

God loves to help people, and He gives ideas to His people to walk it out. Maybe the better question here is "Why not?"

2) Is it God sized?

God loves to expand our faith and rarely asks us to do something we could do without Him. 

3) Is it the right timing?

If you can isolate what is holding you back, that can help you with the timing question. If fear is holding you back, faith has an answer for that. If what you are thinking about may be foolish, there's a place for inviting wisdom. But in the end, the choice to move forward or wait needs to be yours and needs to be revisited regularly.

God is inviting us to move forward in faith with Him. When we do so the adventures never end. Our lives have the potential to be the best series ever!

God doesn't want us to have to keep sharing those "back in the day" faith stories, He has new adventures in store all the time!

Don't get stuck being bored! Don't let the people watching your life cancel their subscription!

Live your life to the full and they will be inspired to do the same!

So, what's next for you? What's this season all about?

Bridges Coaching offers Destiny by Design classes and courses. Digging into your design can unleash the dreams He has for you!


Your Destiny is Your Choice

Your design is God's gift to you, fulfilling your destiny is your gift to Him!

Understanding your design can release you to make goals out of the dreams and unique desires God has placed with in you!

Destiny by Design helps you recognize the unique personal plan and ideas God had in mind when He made you!

Each person was designed with a certain destiny in mind. When we know who we are we can move forward toward who He wants us to be - our best self!

Who you are is seeded within you by your Design! Take some time and discover more about who you were meant to be. 

The Bridges Destiny by Design Course will help you focus on your own next steps and help you help others move forward as well!

This course is for those interested in a serious investment in their personal next steps as well as those interested or involved in helping those around them to move forward in their God-given destiny as well. 

Destiny by Design Includes:

16 weeks of content

A unique blend of personal assessments, video curriculum, clarifying projects, reading, and more!

16 video sessions

These videos give you direct access to Cindy's 1,000+ hours of personal coaching experience, as well as the wisdom she's given to hundreds of workshop attendees, professional ministers, students, and more.

Professionally-designed workbook

Keep all of your notes in one place, and use it as powerful reference guide in the future.

Personal Portfolio

Choose from a variety of ways to compile your unique findings in a way you can share them with others.


Two pathways available:

Video Course with Notebook

Access the video teaching, do the assessments, read the text and do the projects on you own or with a friend.

Facilitated Group Course

Includes everything in the video course plus:

16 live group online classes

Hosted by Bridges Destiny facilitator April Lonneville. You'll meet with your entire class (cohort) to learn and process your findings together.

4 individual coaching sessions

Personal coaching is included at strategic points in the course.

Personal Portfolio Reveal

Invite your friends and family and to celebrate your unique findings, and share your dreams and your goals! 

Two Options for Destiny by Design

Online Course with Notebook

Go through the course at your own pace. Participate in the online community of other participants and Bridges facilitators who are learning alongside you.

You'll have lifetime access to the videos, and the professionally printed workbook will keep your notes in one place for you to reference along the way.


Facilitated Group Course

Experience Destiny by Design with the power of a group walking with you! You'll meet weekly online with your highly experienced and trained facilitator, April. You'll get to know your fellow students in the cohort. And you'll move forward quickly with the built-in accountability that comes with group assignments and presentations.

Bonus: Sign up with a friend! Unlock the destiny God has for both of you - learn and grow together!

Weekly meetings happen online. Your regular meeting time will be worked out among yourselves after registration closes.

You'll need a high-speed internet connection with a webcam for these calls (smartphones or tablets are fine).

The May, 2020, kickoff class date and time will be determined when the cohort is filled. 

With both types of classes you'll order the class "textbook" on your own. It's a discontinued book, and usually available on Amazon for ~$5. Ordering instructions are included in the class introduction after you register.

Guarantee: 100% money back

If you're unhappy with Bridges Coaching's Destiny by Design course during the first 30 days, we will give your money back.

We're convinced Destiny by Design will be revolutionary in your life and work. As you become more aware of how God has created and gifted you, and as you chart a course to pursue those things more, we're sure you'll be thankful for this course.

However, if you enter the program and you realize it's not for you, email our awesome support team at within 30 days of signing up. Include a scan of your workbook up to that point, and we'll give you a full refund.

Now, we recognize we're taking a risk. Not only do we make all our video and printed content available to you immediately, but it causes significant problems to break up the online community once it's established.

But we would rather take that risk on ourselves, rather than leave you with any question in your mind whether this is a good investment.

BTW, we ask for a scan of your notebook because we're convinced that if you apply the principles we teach, you'll begin to see growth. We want to know you've taken steps toward honestly applying these principles. If you've done that and we're still not a good fit, we'll refund your money.

We believe in Destiny by Design, and we have every reason to think you will as well. If we're wrong, you can have your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Destiny by Design for?
  • Young people desiring to make a quality decision about their future
  • People in (or considering) a career change
  • People in transition - empty nest moms, people coming out of a program or season in their life
  • Anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the diverse ways we have each been designed. 
How is Bridges' Destiny by Design different from other courses?

Some courses want you to pay $2,500+ (plus travel expenses!) for days of in-person teaching, while other distance training omits personal, small group interaction. Destiny by Design's facilitated course strikes a uniquely effective balance of video teaching, personal reading, live discussion and introspection. Spacing the training out over multiple weeks, rather than squeezing it into a week or weekend allows time for prayer and personal processing. 

The online course give you access to all the same teaching content as the facilitated course. While you won't meet live with other group participants online, you'll have the benefit of a flexible schedule as you complete the modules on your own time.

And both pathways give you lifetime access to all the teaching material!

How is Destiny by Design delivered?

Facilitated class: Over 16 weeks you'll watch and interact with a weekly video, read a book, participate in a weekly meeting online, and receive personal coaching and feedback from your facilitator. A reliable high-speed internet connection is required, as is a webcam or similar online camera so we can see your smiling face during live online meetings. We'll also have regular conversations in a private Facebook group, so you'll need a Facebook account as well.

Online course: You'll watch the same 16 sessions of video as the facilitated course, read a book, and receive a professionally designed and printed workbook to track your progress.

How much time does the course take?

The facilitated Destiny by Design course is a serious commitment over the 16 weeks of the cohort. We recommend you plan to spend at least 4 hours per week between reading, watching videos, processing what you're learning, and doing live calls.

Is there support as I go through the course?

Absolutely! You'll talk weekly with your trained facilitator, and they'll walk with you as you learn and apply each lesson. You'll also post every week to your all-cohort Facebook group and grow together with your fellow classmates.

In the online class you'll have access to Bridges Coaching's support team for any technical issues you may encounter. If you like the idea of going through the class with other like-minded people, we recommend the facilitated course!

Is there a signup deadline? Why?

Yes, registration closes at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, January 29th. Because the class has defined starting and ending classes, and we go through each week's content at the same time, we can't have registration open indefinitely. After January 29th, all our attention turns toward serving Bridges' current students.

Are there payment options?

For the facilitated class, the $1,497 one-time investment is our most popular option, but if you prefer monthly payments, you can pay three installments of $547/month over the next three months.

How does the guarantee work?

Anytime within 30 days after you sign up, reach out to with a scan or picture of your workbook up to that point. We don't get many refund requests, so we'd love to know why you're not satisfied, but either way, we'll refund your full payment right away to the original source of payment.

I have another question - who can I ask?

Shoot us an email at - we'd love to help!

God designed you with specific good works in mind. As you move forward in life, I pray you press on and take the place in the body of Christ that God intended for you.

Don’t settle for just seeing what happens or the status quo – He has so much more in mind for you!

~ Cindy


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