Life Changing Gift Idea? (for your gift list or wish list)

Wish you could give a gift that would truly make a difference in someone's life?

Want to ask for something that could actually make next year THE year you moved forward?

"Traction" could be your answer.

This interactive workbook is a self-coaching step-by-step guide that walks you down the pathway called the coaching ROAD. Filled with inspirational photos and quotes, this book is designed to be used by an individual, a couple, or even a team.

Who do you know that could use some Traction? (Someone in a transition, or considering a new next step- a pastor or leader who could use these tools for helping others?)

Or maybe that person is you? Put this book on your list! (if you have been secretly considering coach training this would be a good first step!)

Check out our other product options for additional meaningful gifts*! 

This Christmas could be the beginning of something life-changing!

Merry Merry!

*If you decide on a personal retreat, video course, or any item that requires a...

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3 Instances When Coaching Is NOT The Best Option


It's true. Sometimes coaching is not the best option. 

Of course, I'm a big fan, and coaching is likely best more often than we all use it, but there are times when it is not the best or right tool to use.

1- When someone needs to be taught something. 

Recently one of our Next Level Coach trainees was talking about how his coachee didn't know what a SMART goal was. (If you are not sure check out our blog Demystifying SMART goals.) It's hard to help a client set a good goal when they are not sure of the parameters. In this case, it would be appropriate to "take off your coach's hat" for a time, give a brief explanation, and then ask clarifying questions that would help someone make a SMART goal. 

Or maybe the teaching would be more in the form of a story. Many people deal with lies or limiting beliefs that hold them back from moving forward in all God has for them. In fact, I would go so far as to say most people deal with these. If someone is unclear on...

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