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Bridges Coaching offers connections with a number of qualified coaches that have specific niches. These coaches are Bridges Certified Life Coaches and have also completed Next Level training. They have been vetted and shown expertise in offering excellence in coaching. If you are looking for a thinking partner to help you build bridges to what could be these Bridges Associate Coaches can help! Contact one today!

Justine Andes

Hi, I’m Justine Andes, a certified life coach in New Holland, PA. 

My interest in coaching started during a corporate leadership coaching opportunity and again working with a health coach.  Both made me realize just how much I progressed with the conversations, thought provoking questions and accountability.  I saw things in my life that I never questioned or thought about and was able to change and move in new directions.  This prompted me to become a life coach. 

In addition to individual coaching and operating an accounting business, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I especially enjoy listening to stories, dreams and making memories while hanging out, traveling, bicycling and jeeping.   God has put my husband in my life to coach me in all things adventure, keeping me trying and pursuing new things I wouldn’t have imagined! 

Do you have something you want to move forward in but not sure how?  I would love to walk beside you to listen and ask the questions that prompt you to your next adventure; whether that’s getting organized, managing your money, or following that dream you have been thinking about. 

Remember, life is a continuous journey and you are never too young or old to move forward.  There’s always a next . . . what’s yours? 

Rate:  $45

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Sarah Fulton

I am currently coaching from the road, living the travel life full-time. My husband and I are living in an RV with our five kids, chasing sunshine and memories.  
I am the primary Bridges Coaching Culture cohort host and facilitate coaching peer pairs as well. 
I am a relationship and leadership junkie! I especially enjoy coaching married couples, young leaders, and moms who are looking to develop personally during an at-home season. 
Coaching is an incredibly effective tool for helping people grow rapidly and make progress on their goals. I love the momentum and synergy that happens in a coaching relationship! I took my first coaching course to give me another tool to use in ministry and relationships, but I loved it so much that I quickly went on for more coach training and have had fun getting involved in training other coaches. 
If you want help finding clarity in your current situation, encouragement and challenge as you figure out what’s next, and support as you walk forward, I could be the coach for you!

Rate: $50

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Joe Jansen

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to grow as a person. I have experienced the magic of coaching in my own life to overcome obstacles and forge new creative pathways. More importantly, I see it work in the leaders I train to coach and those whom I coach. As an executive leader in a religious organization, my goal is to see coaching become part of the culture of our organization. It is exciting to see ministry leaders come to that "aha" moment about coaching and then use it to forge new creative pathways to help other people. I can help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

I also coach people to find greater focus in life. As a person with ADHD, I know the struggles it can cause in life. It brings me great joy to partner with you to find the strength in ADHD and minimize the weaknesses. Dr. Howell, a leading ADHD influencer said “The ADHD brain is like a Ferrari with no breaks.” I can help you capture the power of your brain to propel you to an adventurous and effective life.

I have been a teacher, a pastor and leader of leaders. Married to Joann for 39 years with three grown children. Of all the titles I have had, my proudest is grandpa to 4 awesome grandchildren.

Rate: $75 per hour, sliding scale available.

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Lena Lewis

Hi! I’m Lena Lewis. I’m a certified Life Coach in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offering coaching virtually and in person.

Besides parenting and homeschooling my four kids, I’m passionate about relationships. I enjoy one on one chats with a friend over coffee. Also, backpacking and hiking recently became a favorite hobby. I’m committed to personal growth through continued education and Life Coaching.

As a coach, it’s my goal to empower men and women of all ages to develop the skills needed to experience growth. Life coaching has been the bridge giving me the confidence needed to pursue my goals and recognize my unique personality and gifts. I’ve also learned to identify the need for community and its impact on my growth. I've learned how to push through the places where I feel stuck. Maybe you’re in a place where you feel unmotivated and stuck, or are experiencing a life crisis. I understand.

I would be excited to share the tools I’ve learned through coaching. I’ll work one on one with you to find solutions and take action in your relationships, business, and health. I offer coaching from a holistic perspective and seek to care for the whole person. I would be honored to walk alongside you offering the support and accountability that is tailored to your life and goals. I have full confidence that you have what it takes to realize your potential and create the life you want to be living.

Rate: $45

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April Lonneville

Destiny Discovery changed my life! I found out who I was meant to be was seeded in my internal DNA. Hi! I'm April and I'd love to work with you and help you discover who God designed you to be!
I work with the Destiny branch of Bridges Coaching. I offer group coaching for the Destiny by Design cohort but also offer individual sessions as well.
I live in upstate New York and am Pastor's Wife, Mom, and worship leader. I'm passionate about pro-life and also run an AirBnB on the side. If you are looking for time management coaching or would love to understand your passions more I'd love to partner with you!

Rate: $60

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Barb Ranck

I’m a working mom and wife, having held a 23+ year career developing people within organizations, including a Fortune 200 company.

Outside of work, I engaged with my family, friends, and community, though I struggled to find a successful balance. 

I know what it’s like to have all the rewards of achievements and still feel like I’m just “going through the motions.” It was taking a toll - on my health, on my relationships, and on my energy.

The tools I learned in corporate helped me become more professional and productive, but eventually my energy got "stuck." It wasn't until I learned a new set of tools through Bridges life coaching and Enneagram certification that I could address my specific energy blocks. 

My biggest realization was that I didn't have to “work harder” to have the fulfilling life I wanted. I also didn't have to wait on something else or someone else to change. 

When I gained clarity on the best path forward for me, the emptiness left and the energy returned. My health and relationships improved. I saw how these principles could also apply to organizations. 

As a trainer and coach, I recognize that the ultimate expert, of your life or organization, is you. 

For those I partner with, I specialize in situations where:

  • You're proactive, looking for tools to keep your/your organization's positive energy moving in the right direction.
  • As hard as you've worked to get to where you're at, your formerly productive energy is "stuck." Things that used to be energizing now seem endlessly draining. It feels like things are just going through the motions.

Positive progress is possible!

Rate: Rates are based on individualized needs (organizational or individual.) Click here for more information on available products and services.

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Colleen Riggott

Hi! My name is Colleen and I am proud to say that I am a working mom with 3 amazing adult kids. In my professional capacity, I've spent almost 2 decades as a property manager and a real estate agent. Coaching has become an integral tool in my day-to-day life. It has completely reframed all interpersonal relationships, including how I navigate difficult situations with different (and sometimes difficult!) personalities within the workplace. Coaching has also allowed me to create space for my kids to explore their own journeys, to discover their own answers (If you are a parent, I bet you can agree this is an incredibly difficult task).  

My story with coaching begins with my second home - My church in Farmington, CT. Here I was first introduced to the coaching paradigm. I immediately found the basics to be both empowering and transformational in my own life. Being coached helped me to discover who I am aside from all the things I do.  

We can probably agree that this journey we call life is anything but straightforward. It is a journey, and at times you need someone to come alongside you to ask questions and walk with you for a season. Do you feel stuck relationally? Does it seem like your career or your ministry is halted? Or maybe you feel anxious about today and completely overwhelmed when thinking about the future?  

Freedom can look so different from person to person, so I would define this as being linked to discovering the lies we believe about ourselves and then replacing those lies with hope and truth. I've found coaching to be beyond life-giving within the small groups I lead. After all, don't we all desire to walk in greater freedom?  

If you are ready to dive deep into discovery, I would love to walk with you on that journey! Coaching is your next step and I would be honored if you sent me a message so we can begin to shape what freedom looks like in your life.

Rate: $50 per session

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Michelle Pavasars

A serendipitous encounter with Cindy Scott, founder of Bridges Coaching, led me into coaching certification, but truthfully God had been preparing me for many years.   As someone who has found coaching to be powerful in my own life, it is a joy to be part of the journey of others through coaching.

Coaching is about me coming alongside YOU as you discover and live out your life callings. It is my delight to be your coach as YOU pursue un-launched dreams, dusty passions, unfulfilled goals, or a project that is itching to be done. 

In addition to individual coaching, I facilitate the Bridges Next Level Coaching course and serve as the Executive Director of a Christian non-profit, KINDLE.  I love spending time with my family, my friends, outside – preferably near water, reading and serving others.  

I would love to provide a listening ear, some powerful questions, and help you lean into action steps that will move you forward into the life your heart knows God desires for you.

Rate: $60 per hour, sliding scale available.

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