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Bridges Coaching offers connections with a number of qualified coaches that have specific niches. These coaches are Bridges Certified Life Coaches and have also completed Next Level training. They have been vetted and shown expertise in offering excellence in coaching. If you are looking for a thinking partner to help you build bridges to what could be these Bridges Associate Coaches can help! Contact one today!

Michelle Pavasars

Michelle loves her family and works as the Operations Director of a Christian non-profit, KINDLE. She also is the cohort host for Bridges Next Level Coach Training and occasionally facilitates peer pairs for Bridges Life Coach Certification cohorts. Her joy in coaching comes from walking alongside others, especially women, as they discover and live out their life callings.

Michelle, her husband and two children live in southern CA. Quality time with her family and friends speaks her love language. She loves helping people reconnect to their passions and seeing the joy and confidence in their eyes when they make progress in a goal area.

A serendipitous connection with Cindy Scott, founder of Bridges Coaching, led Michelle into coaching certification, but God had been preparing her for many years. Michelle finds being coached so powerfully in her own life, that she desires for others to benefit from the same sort of listening and powerful questions. Coaching skills are applicable in so many settings... home, work, congregation, and community.

If you have un-launched dreams, dusty passions, unfulfilled goals, or a project that is itching to be done, Michelle would love to provide a listening ear, some powerful questions and help you lead into action steps that will help you move forward into the life your heart knows God desires for you.

Rate: $60 per Hour

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Sarah Fulton

Sarah is a relationship and leadership junkie! She is currently raising five young leaders at home with her husband in upstate NY. She is the primary Bridges Coaching Culture cohort host and facilitates coaching peer pairs as well.

She especially enjoys coaching married couples, young leaders, and moms who are looking to develop personally during an at-home season.

Sarah has found coaching to be an incredibly effective tool for helping people to grow rapidly and make progress on their goals. She loves the momentum and synergy that happens in a coaching relationship! Sarah took her first coaching course to give her another tool to use in ministry and relationships. She loves it so much that she quickly went on for more coach training and has had fun branching out into coach training herself.

If you want help finding clarity in your current situation, encouragement and challenge as you figure out what's next, and support as you walk forward, Sarah could be a great coach for you!

Rate: Sarah has a sliding fee scale.

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Barb Ranck

Barb says she wasn't even sure what coaching was when she signed up for her first coach training, she wondered how it would work if the coachee was the one setting the agenda, what role would the coach even play? How could that be valuable?

Yet as a result of completing the Bridges coaching programs, she gained the clarity and confidence to leave a 23-year corporate career to go full-time into teaching and coaching. She now defines coaching as knowing “what it feels like to be fully heard, known, and understood”, and has positioned herself to create this experience for those she coaches, so they can fully embrace who they are in Christ.

Barb, her husband and son, live in Iowa (the corn state, not the potato state) where she sees that just like you can't plant a crop one day and harvest it the next, you also can't rush people's growth. They love Colorado and visit whenever they can.

She is a certified LIfe Coach through Bridges Coaching, a certified Enneagram Coach through Your Enneagram Coach LLC, and holds Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentialing with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She welcomes the chance to learn more about you and your unique situation so you can partner together on the plan that's best for you, and celebrate your success.

Rate: $60

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Jessi Zimmerman

Jessi loves seeing the light go on in a client’s eyes when they come up with an answer to a problem, a decision they were struggling with, or some sort of self-discovery. She says Bridges Coaching helped develop her ability to listen more effectively and notice subtleties in people’s speech and body language. 

Jessi and her husband have two children, a daughter in college and a son graduating high school as well as two large dogs. They love hosting international students and enjoy traveling. They help support and visit New Life Missions-Haiti regularly.  

From the very first course of Coaching Culture, Jessi says she knew this training was what she was looking for to impact those with whom I come in contact. She is also trained in Destiny By Design and enjoys using those tools to  coach a client who desires to discover who God designed them to be.  

Jessi says of coaching, “It is their discovery, not mine. It is their decision, not mine. I love hearing about their success from the action plans they established in the previous session”.

Rate: $45

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