3 Little Words That Can Change Everything- Core Competency #6

Coaching Core Competency $6 is: Listens Actively.

At Bridges Coaching, we explore two pillars of coaching - Active Listening and Asking Powerful Questions. Our focus today is the former and needs to come first. 

Here are a few clarifying facts about Active Listening:

  • Active Listening is the opposite of Passive Listening (which is exactly what you are thinking it is.)
  • Active Listening is perhaps the best way to love someone. 
  • Active LIstening is serving someone else. It shows them that their words are important and valuable, and their thoughts are worthy of being expressed fully.
  • Active Listening requires intent focus, not just waiting your turn nicely.
  • Active LIstening is truly curious.
  • Active LIstening is a way to partner with the Holy Spirit to trust that God is indwelling the person speaking. 

Think about it. When someone truly listens to you, you feel important, cared for, and valuable. When you are processing something and someone lets you...

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