Simple Success: Is Content Deficit Really The Problem?

In these days of Google, kindle, and podcasts on demand, we live in a content-rich environment. if you want to know more about something all you need to do is ask SirI or Alexa!

I'm not sure if I have ever heard anyone wistfully say, "If only I knew where or how to get more information on that..."

I know a lot more than I do. 

What if a plan is really what is needed? Here are a two actual (and perhaps too personal) examples.

Here's what I know - what I have done - and what I am doing now.

I know sugar is not great for my ultimate weight loss goal, but knowing and doing something about it are two different things. When I took an honest assessment I found I had way too many exceptions for why I should go ahead and have that latte or late-night snack. I don't need more information about sugar, I need an actual plan to remove it or reduce it from my life..

     My current SMART goal is that I can have sugar in my morning coffee, but then I need to lay off...

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Next Coach Training Cohort Forming Now

The focus of this blog is usually to bring a reminder or value add regarding coaching culture in real life. We try to share from different perspectives how coaching can be used in different arenas.

Today's post will be different. (If you have already taken coach training, could I ask that you forward this to someone who would benefit?)

This post is time-sensitive since our next coaching cohort registration closes soon! I feel compelled to share a little about what coach training actually is - who would be interested, what is included, what you can expect, how much it costs, and most importantly the timing involved.

Who would be interested?

     You! If you want to learn more about growing in your faith journey and helping others to grow in theirs, coach training could be your best next step. If you have relationships in your life where you would like to have more significant conversations, coach training will give you tools to upgrade your connections.


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What's In Your Next Chapter?

Every good story has a plot.

Every great movie has a crisis that needs to be resolved.

But there are bad stories and bad movies too. The top two complaints are either that it is boring or does not end well.

What kind of a story will this next year be for you?

Will be boring? More of the same 'ol, same 'ol? Will it have a sad ending, or one that does not resolve a crisis, or accomplish a great goal?

There is a blank page waiting for you to write on it.

Coaching helps people write the story they want to read at the end of the year.

If you would like help with your story consider coaching from one of our Associate Coaches or get our Traction book for some self-guided coaching. 

Or if you want to help people write their stories well, Coach Training will give you the tools to help people move toward their preferred future! The next cohort starts soon! (Click the "I'm Interested" button for more info!)

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'23 Reflection Questions & '24 Vision Questions

I wrote some end-of-the-year questions for our church and wanted to share them here as well.

Check out these thought-provoking questions and conversation prompts for this holiday season! Use them on your own, in a family group, or at your New Year's party.

2023 Reflections:

  • What one event stands out to you that marks this last year – maybe something you are grateful for, something you overcame, or a little of both?
  • What relationships were significant for you this last year?
  • When did you have the most fun?
  • Was there a verse or phrase that was especially meaningful?
  • What fruit of the spirit marked your year? (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control).

2024 Vision: 

  • What brings you joy and how could you do more of it in this next year?
  • Who is one person you could invest in this next year and how could that make a difference in their life?
  • What accomplishment would you like to start or complete this next year?
  • Where is one...
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Which Way Do You Naturally Tip?

presence Dec 11, 2023

Sometimes the holidays highlight our stuff! 

If we tend to say "yes" too frequently, this time of the year can find us being overbooked and potentially facing gift debt or maybe just gift guilt. It can be hard to set boundaries or see when enough is enough. 

OR maybe your default is to say "no" and you struggle with being Scrouge-ish or hermit-like.

Whether you naturally tip toward saying "yes" too much or saying "no" and missing out, God has good gifts in store FOR you this season!

My current screen saver has the picture above on it. it's there as a reminder in this season that all I need to do is slow down and breathe in the truth that Jesus IS the gift. I don't mean to be cliche at all. I am experiencing new levels of calm and peace amid all the stuff because I am learning to choose my focus more and more. 

I can choose to be overwhelmed about making the very best gift choices, OR I can ask for His presence to guide me and I can give it my best go.


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Dealing With Holiday Overwelm!

There's so much to do to prepare for the holidays!

Each layer deserves (maybe even demands) your attention - the travel plans, the gifting, the food. And then there's the relational connections - the upcoming conversations, the desire to make good memories together and not to have rubs or jabs or controversy. 

This most wonderful time of the year can easily become not-so-wonderful...

So, what's a person to do? What would it give you to feel like you had a handle on this season and it wasn't just happening to you?

Here's some tips to move toward experiencing peace on earth and joy to the world!

1) Identify your angst.

  • is it that you just need to take time to get organized? (*scroll down a bit for a plan) 
  • are you feeling the pressure of guilt or obligation?
  • is materialism clouding your view?

2) Take it to Jesus

Oh, how He wants to meet you in this season. In every season really. He wants to clarify what is unclear. He wants to bring peace where there is...

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Meaningful Gifts

Who's on your gift list? Maybe we can help you with a meaningful gift that could shift someone's life, helping them find traction on their faith journey!

Got any recent retirees or upcoming graduates? We recommend Destiny by Design. We've seen all sorts of people make significant life course choices once they understood more about their divine design. Use the code: MEANINGFUL for $100 off any of the offerings. Check out the webpage for more information. (This course has also been helpful for those considering a career shift and empty next moms wondering what is next.)

Got any singles on your list? Recently released Playing with Matches is a guidebook of sorts for Christian dating principles. It is chock full of real stories and includes practical and authentic advice for how to navigate an ever-changing world with age-old faith-based principles. Might be the best $15 you spend this season.

Love to give someone the gift of coaching. Here's the best bang for your...

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Working Genius & Coaching [Tenacity]

We're on the home stretch now! The final letter in Working Genius is T for Tenacity! 

Working Genius says this about it. "The natural gift of pushing projects or tasks to completion to achieve results."

This is one of my geniuses and I have a love/hate relationship with the concept. I mean I don't go out of my way to notice things not getting completed, I just can't help but see them and have a strong desire to see things through.

Most often this is a gift and a value add, but sometimes it isn't perceived that way or received well, or it is just too much.

Once I was called a "pusher" by a well-meaning colleague, and it stung a little. I mean I wouldn't have to push if things were being completed right? ... just saying...

Working Genius has helped me so much! Having Tenacity as a genius can be used for good as a means of follow through making sure things don't get dropped, but it can also be a handful. It's truly hard for me to just let things go without express...

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Working Genius and Coaching [Galvanizing]

Letter 4 in our Working Genius journey is G. 

In case you missed the first three they were W - Wonder, I - Invention, D - Discernment, and now we have G for Galvanizing.

Patrick Lencioni defines it as, "The natural gift of rallying, inspiring and organizing others to take action." Honestly, without good galvanizing, a project will most likely tank. 

Galvanizing is one of my frustrations. I really stink at it actually. It feels "un-coachy" like I would be telling people what to do. 

It's not like that at all though. 

Lencioni says every job is a 6 letter job. And every coaching session is a 6 letter journey!

Galvanizers are like fuel. They come in right on cue. First, an idea is posed. "What if...? Then, comes "How about...?" where the plan options are considered. Discernment is when the choice is made. It says, "What do you think?" and then finally we get some movement with, "Okay, let's do this!"

Galvanizing makes the difference between lagging energy and...

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Working Genius & Coaching [Enablement]

"Can I do that for you?" or "I can make that happen!" These are phrases someone with an E as a Working Genius type frequently say and words I LOVE to hear!

The fifth type of Working Genius is Enablement. The Table Group folks like to mention that this is the good kind of enabling, not the bad kind. The word "enable" may have a bad reputation, but the concept is beautiful!

Enabling takes that project we have dreamed about, thought through, discerned to be ready to go, and rallied around on to the invaluable step of actually doing something! Enabling is the ultimate action step. It launches the concept into reality!

If your Working Genius letters don't include an E, you may struggle with "boots on the ground" forward movement or repeated tasks. This may mean you make lists but don't get to them, or you have competing priorities, and the actual doing part gets pushed down. 

Enablement is a frustration for me. (I have a strong T genius, but that is different, more...

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