Ten Features Zoom Has That Live Meetings Don’t

I can honestly say there are a number of reasons I like Zoom better than live!

Here are some of my favorite Zoom features.

1) Simultaneous Response.

When in a Zoom room every single participant can respond at the same time. I love the level up of engagement. Try questions like these:

  • Choosing from a list. “Of the items mentioned which one stands out to you and why?” The list could be anything, but people have to review the topic to share their responses.
  • “On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being a little and 10 being a lot where would you rank yourself?” Again, everyone has to think through, apply the concept to their own life, and choose where they fit.
  • Making a list together. Ask for ideas of how to apply the principle, or ways people deal with the issue poorly or well. Concurrent engagement is powerfully connecting.
  • Picking one option. Of the three types mentioned which one resonates for you.

Each of these opportunities allows for multiple people to...

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