Does God actually have a personal plan for us individually? [Destiny by Design #1 of 5]

Secretly, I think we all want to be special.

We all want to have unique giftings and be a valuable part of something. To have impact. To make a difference.

So, we all really want God to have a personal plan for us individually, but maybe we aren't sure if He does - right? 

What if I told you really were special? I'm excited to say GOD DOES HAVE A UNIQUE PLAN FOR EACH OF US! You can know it, we can help!

Scripture is clear that God has given different gifts to each of us. 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4 are two places that list some of the gifts. If you understand who you were created to be, you can move forward with your personal destiny with more confidence. 

In our Destiny by Design course, you'll learn about your unique design and uncover the seeds God has placed inside you. It's our job to tend those seeds and help them develop into the plants God intends for them to become!

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Don't spend your life wondering! You can KNOW God's personal plan...

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