Your "Best Saturday" Self

Some Saturdays are filled with stuff to do, or places you have to be, but those are not the ones we are talking about here. Let's focus on those wonderful Saturdays when there's white space... They are probably rare, but also probably wonderful.

Close your eyes with me for a minute and remember that time when you weren't quite sure what to do - the to-do list was blank and so was the calendar and you had that rare thought, "What do I want to do today?"

That's the feeling of Sabbath rest. 

It's a time when you just enjoy life, you connect with your Creator and likely His creation, you are not in a hurry, you eat good food, and have the luxury of time for quality conversation. Your soul sighs, "Ahhh....." in the satisfied kind of way. 

Your Best Saturday self celebrates a week well spent.

Your Best Saturday self enjoys the present and takes a break from thinking about what's coming up.

There is no worry, anxiety, or concern there. It's a true break from the work week and the...

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Living Your Life On Purpose Can Happen! (Our gift to you this season)

Most people really do want to live their lives on purpose, but then another year passes and that thing didn't happen, or the habit didn't change, or the project never moved forward...

Choosing your goals, owning your pathway, making SMART goals, and guarding your gains are steps we walk you through in the LIfe On Purpose personal workshop.

ON SALE NOW through Jan 2nd for 80% off - just $17. 

We offer the pathway and you choose your journey - makes a great gift too!

More info here if you like.

May God guide your every next!

Cindy and the Bridges Team

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Three Impactful Questions for the New Year!

Want to connect with your family and friends (and even yourself) in a meaningful way this New Year's? These three questions can help!

New Year'S Day, 2022, Sylvester

New Year's is a great time to reflect, connect and project! 

Here's a good place to start! Use these questions on your own, or with your spouse, family, friends, or in your small group!

1) REFLECT What are you most grateful for in the past year?

You can have more than one answer, but take some time and truly consider each month or season and what you have been through. Did you overcome an obstacle, make it through a transition, accomplish a goal, or celebrate a milestone?

Take some time and journal if you are doing this on your own, or take turns sharing if you are with others. Or both!

2) CONNECT What is a word you feel on your heart for the next year?

Spark off a hope you have, use a word picture, or start with an emotion. Sometimes it helps to talk it out or get input from others. Praying for a spark to start off is always a good...

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Can You Honestly Say "I love you and I like you"?

                                                 [Guest blog - April Lonneville]

It was the beginning of July 2018. Jon and I were headed out of the state to officiate a friend’s wedding.

We took the rare opportunity to get away together for a few days and headed to the Adirondack Mountains to connect. A few days earlier, we had taken an assessment a friend was talking to me about. (At that time, we had never heard of the enneagram test.)

As we drove through the quiet mountains, listening to the descriptions of our results, I could feel a door creaking open that made me nervous.

It was a door I knew needed to open for me personally, and for our marriage… but, on the other side of that door was vulnerability. Exposure. Intimacy.

Sometimes that can be scary.

Usually, it’s scary enough that many of us just don’t go there.

As the layers...

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Is It Time? Set Yourself Up For What's Next! (Guest Blog by Eric Scott)

Man oh man, if you are like me you are ready for a New Year -- it’s time!

Especially if you are in a leadership role anywhere, you know -- it’s time!

It’s time to dust off some old initiatives, reinvigorate your team (which may be you and your children), and make some forward movement.

Our pastor reminds us weekly we were made on purpose for a purpose. But I’ll be honest, it has been a bit hard to hear that some Sundays this past year.

At times it has felt like the purpose was just to survive the day, another cancellation, another shutdown, or dread of all dreads, to actually try to navigate travel on an airplane.

Yet, here we are.

We’ve almost made it through 2020.

And you know what, I am willing to bet you are the stronger for it.

Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in D.C. said recently, “We just got a master’s degree in leadership through all the adjustments needed to be made this past year.” I think he’s...

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