Is Coaching Even Biblical? [More]

adult learning aha moment Sep 08, 2023

Firsts are important. First impressions set the tone for how relationships are going to role. First interactions set a foundation for protocol.

Let's take a quick look at God's first corrective teaching interaction with man. When Adam and Ever first messed up in the garden and ate the forbidden fruit, God could have given them a lecture about listening. He could have sat them down and taught them about follow-through. 

Instead, God offered them an "Aha" moment. An "Aha" moment is an example of adult learning - where people come to an understanding of something on their own rather than being told by someone else. I believe God asked Adam a question to help him come to a personal realization. God asked, "Where are you?" Adam answered that he was hiding because he was afraid. 

God didn't ask because he didn't know where Adam was or what he had done. He asked for Adam's sake.

Adam could then move forward and deal with where he was at. 

When Job went through all the...

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3 Scenarios When Telling IS Better Than Coaching

Coaching isn't for everyone all the time, but it likely is the most underused tool in the adult learning process.

Let's start with a couple of quick definitions.

Telling is when one person has information the other needs and they pass it on. This is needed when the passer of information has knowledge or experience that is essential for the situation at hand.

Coaching has at least two definitions. The core of the word means to get from one place to another, like a stagecoach. Sports Coaches offer pathways to success by having their team execute a plan. Life Coaching is different. 

Coaching is a conversational tool that empowers adult learning. It facilitates "Aha" moments of self-discovery. It uses questions and conversations to help people move from one place to another. Christian coaching acknowledges the Holy Spirit is always guiding people toward what God has uniquely for them.

Ever wish the people around you would "get it" and move forward.

Ever wish you could...

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