Live Your Life On Purpose!

Don't unintentionally drift through life, choose your destination!

Let's Go!

The Crew

Cindy guides you on each step of the Bridges Coaching ROAD with special guests her two favorite Eric's ~ Eric Scott and Eric Peoples introducing each session.

This pic was taken just as Eric and Eric completed their 5th coach training!

Since then they have had many nexts on their own personal journeys down the Bridges Coaching ROAD!

Real Life Destinations

Follow Your Dream

What did you always want to be? Why not head in that direction?

More than one person has actually made a career pivot to nursing taking the steps to follow the desire God put in their heart!

What's in your heart?

Ready to explore

Live In Freedom

Ready to stop thinking about getting free and move toward freedom.

Life on Purpose provides you the tools to design your own pathway and pace to get unstuck!

What would it give you to be free?

Ready for Traction

Brace For Impact

You were created with a specific design in mind. There are "good works prepared in advance for you"! (Eph 2:10)

Who's downline from your "yes"?

What's your next?

Read To Make A Difference

What are you waiting for?

Life On Purpose is yours for the making!

Let's go!