Your "Best Saturday" Self

Some Saturdays are filled with stuff to do, or places you have to be, but those are not the ones we are talking about here. Let's focus on those wonderful Saturdays when there's white space... They are probably rare, but also probably wonderful.

Close your eyes with me for a minute and remember that time when you weren't quite sure what to do - the to-do list was blank and so was the calendar and you had that rare thought, "What do I want to do today?"

That's the feeling of Sabbath rest. 

It's a time when you just enjoy life, you connect with your Creator and likely His creation, you are not in a hurry, you eat good food, and have the luxury of time for quality conversation. Your soul sighs, "Ahhh....." in the satisfied kind of way. 

Your Best Saturday self celebrates a week well spent.

Your Best Saturday self enjoys the present and takes a break from thinking about what's coming up.

There is no worry, anxiety, or concern there. It's a true break from the work week and the weights of life. A good Sabbath is like a weekly vacation!

This Best Saturday self is something God designed and even commands us to do! How thoughtful!

And yet, how sad that it is so rare. Your Best Saturday can happen more often. Even weekly. (And just FYI - it may not always be on Saturday.) Maybe your Sabbath could be on Sunday or Friday or whenever it suits you, but likely it's not just going to happen without some intentional planning. 

What would it take for you to have a "Best Saturday" every week?

What would it give you to have that to look forward to?

How would the rest of your life benefit from this practice?

Your life is yours for the making! Make it a good one!

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