Can You Honestly Say "I love you and I like you"?

                                                 [Guest blog - April Lonneville]

It was the beginning of July 2018. Jon and I were headed out of the state to officiate a friend’s wedding.

We took the rare opportunity to get away together for a few days and headed to the Adirondack Mountains to connect. A few days earlier, we had taken an assessment a friend was talking to me about. (At that time, we had never heard of the enneagram test.)

As we drove through the quiet mountains, listening to the descriptions of our results, I could feel a door creaking open that made me nervous.

It was a door I knew needed to open for me personally, and for our marriage… but, on the other side of that door was vulnerability. Exposure. Intimacy.

Sometimes that can be scary.

Usually, it’s scary enough that many of us just don’t go there.

As the layers peeled back, we both felt seen and heard in a new way. We became more accepting and understanding of each other as we discovered things we’ve tried to figure out for a long time.

God used a simple personality assessment to bring a breakthrough we didn’t know we needed.

How could a simple test put into words feelings we had for years but didn’t know how to say?

We began to see our differences differently…more clearly as gifts to be appreciated and even enjoyed.

“I love you AND I like you” felt truer than ever before.

I like how God made me. He likes how He made me. Jon likes me. Jon likes how God made him. God likes how He made Jon. I like him. Sounds so silly, but I think those feelings can be rarer than we want to admit.

Maybe you’re more aware now than ever before that there is a deeper level of internal health waiting on the other side of a season of intentional learning.

On the other side of doing the work to become whole. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these can be the key to daily victory and joy.

Are your relationships desperate for a drink that brings new life and growth?

You don’t know what you don’t know…until you know!

Maybe you need to get clearer on what you’re supposed to DO considering WHO God made you to be?

You will be the most fulfilled and effective when you begin to see yourself and others the way God does. When you know how you’re made- on purpose for a purpose, freedom and focus follow.

In the Bridges Destiny by Design course:

  • We will take and talk through several assessments that start at the external level of observable patterns of communication and behavior styles.
  • Then, we go deeper to the inner workings of heart desires and motivations, even addressing mindsets that hold you back.
  • Finally, we  will connect dots and then create a plan with purpose going forward.

This course is powerful no matter what season you’re in.

It could be the breakthrough you didn’t know you needed. The spark to ignite something that’s smoldering. The trusted voice in your Google maps app telling you what your next turn is.

It could be the key to being able to say, “I love you and I like you” to yourself and others.

Registration for Destiny by Design is now open.

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