Is It Time? Set Yourself Up For What's Next! (Guest Blog by Eric Scott)

Man oh man, if you are like me you are ready for a New Year -- it’s time!

Especially if you are in a leadership role anywhere, you know -- it’s time!

It’s time to dust off some old initiatives, reinvigorate your team (which may be you and your children), and make some forward movement.

Our pastor reminds us weekly we were made on purpose for a purpose. But I’ll be honest, it has been a bit hard to hear that some Sundays this past year.

At times it has felt like the purpose was just to survive the day, another cancellation, another shutdown, or dread of all dreads, to actually try to navigate travel on an airplane.

Yet, here we are.

We’ve almost made it through 2020.

And you know what, I am willing to bet you are the stronger for it.

Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in D.C. said recently, “We just got a master’s degree in leadership through all the adjustments needed to be made this past year.” I think he’s right. It may not be a degree we wanted, but nevertheless, we got it if we made it through this far.

So, is it time?

I think Yes! It’s time to start a New Year.

I want to encourage you to purposefully engage in putting together a SMART Goal for 2021.

The Life on Purpose workshop can help you do just that!

You’ll be given an opportunity to survey your current landscape, decide on what is most important to you now, and then build intentional steps toward your initiative moving it from the dream cloud onto the street of your real life.

My friend, you truly have been made on purpose for a purpose. It’s time.

Don’t stop building the legacy of your life.

You have a unique mark to make on the planet this next year. Don’t miss that bus. It’s time.


Editor's note: Eric Scott is the foremost supporter of Bridges Coaching. Not only is he Cindy’s husband, but he also holds 5 Coaching certifications, co-hosted the Life On Purpose Workshop, and is a guest teacher in several sessions of Coaching Culture. Eric and Cindy live in Lancaster, Pa, where they are both on staff at Worship Center.


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