Fourth and Final MBTI letter

The fourth and final letter choice in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is J/P, for Judging and Perceiving. These two are the least culturally current words used for the concepts involved, but we can unpack them together. First, a little review. MBTI personality assessments consist of 4 letter choices that indicate preferences in the way people do life, make decisions, connect with the world, process information, and more.

The first pair of letters are I/E for Introvert and Extrovert. Here's the link for 4 Tips for Coaching Introverts and 4 for Extroverts too.

The second pair of letters is N/S for INtuitive and Sensor. If you missed it this post talks about timing orientation.

Next is T/F for Thinking and Feeling. These letters describe how people make decisions based on different foundations. Choosing your next move can be tricky, but good coaching can help!

Okay, as stated previously the final pairing is J/P. The terms Judging and Perceiving have morphed in definition since they were chosen. In a nutshell, "Judgers" prefer plans or decisions to be settled. They usually do their best work ahead of schedule. They like to be prepared, are usually early to events, and are uncomfortable waiting till the last minute for almost everything.

"Perceivers" on the other hand, don't like to make decisions till the last minute, they want to make sure all options have been explored as much as possible before moving forward. They do their best work at the last minute, even being energized by the looming deadline. They tend to have a more chill perspective on life. 

If you want to plan ahead, a J will be your best bet. If you have an emergency, call a P, they will likely love jumping in and may even prefer you not call ahead as committing early makes them feel locked in. 

In Coaching, P's will need clarity on deadlines when making quality action steps. J's may need help with pacing so they make action steps that are not too much too soon.

Perceivers could benefit from questions like:

    "How long would be too long to wait on that decision?"

    "When would it work best to start that so you can finish the project on time?"

    "What will you need to feel strong about your choice?"

Judgers could benefit from questions like:

    "How would you know if there are options that have not yet been considered?"

    "If you say 'yes' to this, what are you saying 'no' to?"

    "In what ways could your life benefit if you put this off for a bit?" or "Is now really the best time for this?"

Knowing about J and P preference equals knowing whether a person enjoys the thrill of winging it or the settledness of planning it. 

In coaching, this preference probably shows up most in the making of the action steps and in some cases making decisions too quickly or procrastinating them.

So, there you have it. Understanding people's personalities helps you serve them. Being aware of different perspectives helps guard you against assuming everyone thinks and processes as you do.

Good coaches ask insightful, empowering questions that lead to breakthrough "Aha" moments. We can help! Are you ready to help people grow forward? 


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