It's All About The Timing Orientation (N & S in Myers-Briggs)

People are so different! God designed us that way :) Learning to discern how we were designed and how others differ can be one of the most valuable insights we can have personally. (You can learn more in our Destiny by Design course!) 

Our focus today is the N and S orientation in Myers-Briggs. What does the N and S stand for? I'm so glad you asked. 

N = Intuitive (since they already used "I" for Introversion they chose "N" for Intuitive.)

S = Sensor

Here are the definitions. 

Intuitives are future-oriented. They think about what could be. Sometimes they live in a world of what could be, or even what should be. They are often dreaming or thinking of how things should change to move things toward a preferred norm. Intuitives may have a more difficult time living in the present, being content with things as they are, or sometimes even celebrating incremental change. They usually live in the future more than the present and want to implement change through innovation.

Sensors are present or past-oriented. They think about what is real, what is happening currently, or what has happened in the past. They build off of experience, their own or someone else's. When they consider growth or change they research formally by seeing what has been written about the topic or informally by asking others who have gone before them. 

We can all grow through both. Being innovative or building from someone else's expertise both have a place in forward movement. 

Intuitives will tend to want to try their own ideas. Sensors will prefer to use something tried and true. Neither is better, simply a matter of preference. 

It is valuable and wise to know the leaning of the person you are coaching. Asking a sensor to dream with you and come up with ideas on their own can be off-putting in the same way asking an intuitive to research how others have done "it" can make them feel constrained. 

A good coach leaves the "how" to the person being coached and asks open-ended questions that evoke awareness of clear next steps.

Whether you are already coach-trained or not,  having a deeper awareness of how people differ could be an empowering next step for you personally, and also assist you as you come alongside others. Perhaps Destiny by Design is a best next step for you.  

Or perhaps Coach Training is your starting place. Either way Bridges Coaching is here to help when you are ready. 


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