What's At Stake? 5 Reasons You May Need To Say Yes! [Please read #5 before Friday night!]

This is one of my personal favorite enlightening questions.

"What's at stake?" can take me from not knowing whether or not to move forward to being more sure of a next step. 

I've seen people I have been coaching get complete clarity when they talk out what is at stake if they do, or don't do, whatever it is they are thinking about.

The answer to "What's at stake?" is usually clear to me. It has to do with following the Spirit's guidance in my life. If I feel like God is leading me a certain way then what's at stake is my obedience to Him. Following that prompting, in turn, affects my ability to hear Him the next time He is guiding me.

Sometimes it is hard to know if a prompting is really God, or just us. 

Sometimes we feel compelled, but the circumstances don't line up quite yet.

Whatever your situation, if God is prompting you to consider coach training at this time, say "Yes". 

Here are 5 reasons why it might be time and also what could be at stake.

1- Coach Training will give you more time!

You may think that you don't have time for coach training, but in the end, your conversations will be so much more productive that you will actually have more time in your day! Never have the same frustration, non-life changing conversations over and over again. Coaching will help you help others way more effectively!

So, what's at stake here is your time, but even more importantly your ability to help others connect with God's good plans for their lives!

2- Coaching Certification will help you activate the coaching paradigm, not just know more about it.

Ever buy a piece of exercise equipment that you don't really use. Or maybe you have a couple of books lying around that you haven't had time to read yet. Or how about that online course that you never even logged into...

Coaching certification walks you through no only understanding what coaching is but gives you the experience of being coached along with including a coaching practicum where you actually coach someone and get the feedback you need to know you are doing it right!

What's at stake here is getting the idea of coaching out of the dream cloud and into your real life!

3- There may never be a better time than now for Coaching Certification or Destiny Discovery!

COVID has a lot of us locked down more than usual. At Bridges, we have always done our courses on Zoom. Why not use this season for good - as a motivation to move forward!

You may not have this much time available as it is now for quite some time.

4- If God is prompting you, you may as well say "Yes".

For many years God was prompting me to let go of a bad breakfast habit I had. During that time I loved waking up to the popping sound of cracking open a can of Mt Dew. Whenever I stilled my heart enough to listen to God, I always wanted Him to prompt me to do something amazing, not just correct a bad habit... 

That's when I felt like He said, "Follow where I lead, in the "small" steps I have for you and you will learn to listen when I ask for other steps."

If God is prompting you toward Coaching Certification or Destiny by Design - don't put it off. This may be the step you need to take between where you are and where He wants to take you!

5- Both the Coaching and Destiny cohorts for this Spring close on Friday!


What's at stake is having to wait months for the next cohort!

We would love to have you in either the Coaching or Destiny cohorts this Spring!

What's at stake for you if you put this off?




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