What Is Coach Training? Here's How to Make Engaged Disciples

When I got my master’s degree I did these coaching “labs” on the side. Turns out they were optional, but I’m so glad I didn’t know that!

Let me explain.

The coaching “labs” were actually coach training and the education I received through them changed my life!

Coaching does not come naturally to most so when I was going through my coach training I really wanted a few things, so I really got seeped in the paradigm.

  • I wanted to be coached, and experience what that felt like. I wanted to see if it really worked.
  • I wanted to see others being coached so I could observe it being done well.
  • I wanted someone to watch me coach and tell me if I was doing it right or wrong if need be. (To be honest, I was a little nervous about that, but I also wanted the affirmation enough to do it.)
  • I wanted to have plenty of time to talk through the concepts with a certified coach and know I was heading in the right direction.

The training I took left me hoping for more.

Then it happened...

I felt like God challenged me to write my own curriculum.

I was working at a Bible College at the time and enjoyed writing curriculum. It was a busy season for me, but the prompt wouldn’t’ go away so


That was over 10 years ago. Since then hundreds of people have gone through Bridges Coach training from more than 15 states and several countries. I’m so glad I said yes.

Here’s what’s included in Bridges Coach training:

  • 4 coaching sessions where you can experience coaching for yourself
  • Lifetime access to Bridges interactive video training
  • 11 peer partner sessions with your learning partner and a trained coaching facilitator
  • 4 coaching sessions where your partner gets coached and you observe and debrief
  • 3 group classes and online discussion with your entire cohort where you can learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences
  • 4 observed coaching sessions where you can practice your coaching craft
  • 4 coaching sessions where you observe your peer partner coaching and debrief
  • Leadership Coaching by Tony Stolzfus, a leader in Christian Coaching

Bridges Coach training is practical and personal. In fact, I have never seen any other training even close to the ratio of personal connection.

We chose early on for the teaching to be offered via video so the sessions are not just one person talking, but rather an interaction with the material.

These peer sessions include a peer partner and your facilitator. THAT'S IT. Just the three of you.*

There will never be a session on the phone with who knows how many others.

To be honest, I have paid a lot of money to be on such phone sessions just to complete requirements for credentialing, but the level of learning in such sessions is minimal at best.

Learning at Bridges is maximized as the voice-to-voice requirement hours are met face-to-face, never only group phone calls. These connections are made in as small of ratios as possible.

You will get plenty of personal processing time.

Bridges Coach Training takes you from understanding what coaching is, to being a proficient coach.

(If you missed “So, What EXACTLY is Coaching?” Or “7 Ways Coaching Promotes God's Plan For Spiritual Growth” you can check them out here.)

If you would like to invest in making engaged disciples, and be aware and careful not to promote entitled dependents Bridges Coach Training could make all the difference.

Sign up for coach training today.

We hope to see you on the inside!

*On rare occasions there may be three people as peer partners, but when that happens we add on extra time at no extra charge, so each person gets plenty of processing time.


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