The Skinny On Bridges Coaching! (and a quick dependence quiz)

Bridges Coaching exists to make disciples, not dependents.

We do this through:

It's easy to go through life unintentionally not engaging in what God has for you personally.

It takes clarity and intentionality to move with purpose engaging in God's unique best next step for you! 

Most people don't mean to be dependent but here's how you could tell if you are tending that way. Give yourself 1 point for a positive response to any of these 10 markers.

___ I would prefer if someone would just tell me what to do.

___ If only things would come together for me as they do for everyone else.

___ I can't be expected to adult, I just never got the tools.

___ If the right leader would just mentor me, then I could really become all I could be.

___ If only I could afford _________, then it would all work out.

___ My emotions are stronger than most people, I can't be expected to go against them.

___ If I had ____________ like ______________ then of course I would be fine.

___ It's just that my big break hasn't come yet.

___ I am not dealing with the same circumstances as most, so I just can't get ahead.

___ I'm just not sure what's next, so I'll wait till I know for sure.

If you got a score of 5 or more, Bridges Coaching can definitely help!

Actually, if you identified with almost any of these Bridges Coaching can come alongside you and partner toward the best version of your future!

Is something from Bridges your next step?

How much do you really want to grow where you need to grow? 

Are you willing to invest in the kingdom by investing in yourself?

Check out the deliverables for each offering:

Coaching Culture helps you learn to discern God's best for you first and then help others to do the same! Videos start at $147 and Coaching Certification is $1547.

Destiny by Design offers a deep dive into understanding your divine design and thereby embracing your God-given destiny! Video course - $147, Facilitated course $1547.

Personal coaching Partner with one of our Associate coaches for traction toward a goal you have already identified. Session prices vary. 

The guided workshops offer intentional connection with God and His plans and purposes for your life: Soul Care Personal Retreat ($67) helps you hit the reset button and sets you on a strong foundation, and the Life on Purpose Workshop ($97) is like Coaching lite- it helps you discern your next at you own pace.

Can I be honest? The video courses have great content - if you are a great self-starter, have tenacious follow-through, and can discern your next steps on your own they will be great, but the honest part is that I have bought several video courses that I was excited about going through and honestly haven't made the time to dig into them. 

The more expensive, more extensive courses include personal interaction with a facilitator and peers taking the course with you. Cohort sizes are limited to ensure each individual has time to process. 

God has great plans for your future!

Are you leaning in?

Our next cohorts are filling now. Save your seat for the Coaching or Destiny course and be intentional about your future!



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