Next Up: Action Steps!

Time for a quick review. We've been working through the StoryBrand framework and comparing it to a conversation. 

                                 StoryBrand Marketing Framework ...

First, we talked about how our lives ARE a story in the making.

Then about who the story is about, and the importance of naming the problem.

Next, they meet a guide who understands their fears and offers a plan!

Today, we'll move on to how to make quality Action Steps.

Once we have decided where we want to get to and we resolve that God always offers a plan, our next step is to walk out what we have discerned. And, I wish it was that easy...

In my experience, discerning well takes years of experience. I have missed the mark in several ways. I have jumped the gun on action steps as well as waited too long. There were times I thought I knew what to do, only to find out it didn't work. I have made emotional decisions that didn't engage with the reality of time or resources available, or I have made logical decisions that didn't consider the emotional or relational costs.

All in all, suffice it to say, that learning to discern is a process that will likely involve trial and error. I have learned to talk through my action steps with trusted people who don't think like me to help me see circumspectly what my choices will cost. In fact, I encourage being coached by someone who thinks differently than you do for that very reason. 

In the end, Action Steps are what take your dreams and ideas into the real world. 

The making of quality Action Steps requires a firm grasp on SMART goals and includes questions like the following:

  • If you say "yes" to this what will you need to say "no" to?
  • What will it give you if you complete this by the time you have set?
  • Are there any obstacles that we haven't addressed?
  • On a scale of 1 - 10 how likely do you feel you can accomplish what we have talked about?

Making sure progress is attainable is much more valuable than setting lofty goals that feel great till you can't do them. Unrealistic or vague goals can be so deflating. 

Setting great goals, SMART goals, personalized to the individual being coached is pivotal to successful coaching! You can do this, we can help!


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