Who Meets A Guide (who understands their fear)

Let's review our first steps in comparing StoryBrand marketing and Coaching.

First, we talked about how the conversation needs to be about the person being coached. They are the main character in the story we are writing together.

Next, we talked about the problem. One of the big differences between a coaching conversation and just "friending" is that we are purposefully focusing on a chosen outcome that the person being coached wants to focus on!

Next up is today's focus: who meets a guide who understands their fear. 

Here are some of the fears that good coaching helps people recognize:

  • feeling stuck with no way out
  • not knowing what to do, or even if there is anything that can be done
  • feeling abandoned by God and others
  • questioning if there is even hope for the future

In Bridges coaching, we talk about the Always Circle and associated lies. There's ALWAYS going to be stuff. God ALWAYS offers a plan. We ALWAYS make choices. Uncovering the associated lies is like realizing you have been wearing sunglasses indoors, seeing things through a distorted lens. 

Good coaching makes you feel safe enough to explore your feelings and discover what has been holding you back. You may be surprised to know that the Coach is NOT the guide. The conversation is the guide. A good coaching conversation leads us to discover the plan* - which is the next step in the StoryBrand framework. 

The Coach partners with the Holy Spirit to offer the person being coached a space to quiet their heart and mind to hear what the Spirit is offering.

Coaching is working with a thinking partner to focus on a chosen outcome, discerning what the hold-up has been, and choosing the best next steps. 

Good Coach Training gives you the tools to process well!

*Spoiler: the plan is a connection with the Spirit of God and an "Aha" revelation. More on that next time!


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