8 Ways Bridges Differs From Other Training Courses

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2020

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Simply put, our Bridges training courses were designed with you -- the trainee -- in mind. 

Here are 8 ways Bridges courses differ from many, or even most, training courses.

No. 1 -- At Bridges, we take very seriously how we certify our trainees.

All our cohort courses require individual interaction where we are looking for each person’s grasp of the concepts.

No. 2 -- We give personal attention to the trainee.

All of our training is face-to-face, not voice-to-voice. Not sure what that means? Many, maybe even most, coach training or destiny discovery courses meet the credentialing requirement for voice-to-voice through group phone calls.

No dis, but I have been in some of those phone calls and have not had the greatest experience. While technically it is live-training, there were almost always too many people on the call to feel individually connected, AND often times the trainer would ask someone to respond and they were not even there or it took a long time for them to respond. Maybe they were watching TV with the call on the side, or folding laundry or who knows what, but they were certainly not single focused on the call.

All our training happens face-to-face on Zoom or another online platform. We can see who is in the “room” with us and we are all singly focused and engaged.

No. 3 -- Our trainer to trainee ratios are the lowest I am aware of in any organization.

In the Coaching Certification course, trainees* meet 2:1 with their trainer for 90 minutes each week for 11 weeks and with the entire cohort in 3 – three-hour group classes.

In addition, there is a Facebook group made for every cohort and online discussion helps process the concepts with multiple people’s perspectives shared.

In the Destiny by Design cohort, there are 16 weekly live group classes and four personal coaching sessions included to use whenever the trainee wants to dig in deeper to the focus of the week.

No. 4 -- We’ve always been online.

We didn’t need to pivot and make adjustments to our program. Our proven courses have always been distance-friendly.

No. 5 -- You can monetize your investment.

Our courses offer the structure needed for those who choose to actually monetize their investment. 

No. 6 -- Bridges is a growing company.

In fact, we just moved into the metaphoric second floor of our skyscraper and are moving forward on several initiatives.

No. 7 -- Bridges is a proven company.

We have served hundreds of trainees from over 15 states and several countries.

No. 8 -- We are not connected with a school.

We are an independent company. Our affiliation crosses denominational lines and unites the body of Christ with other valuable parts.

If you are ready to move forward personally, and/or to help others move forward, Bridges training may be just what you have been looking for!

Whether you are interested in learning Coaching Culture or digging into your Destiny by Design. You can find your pathway here!

Here’s a shout out from one of our favorite alumni!

Eric Peoples, is an executive coach, leadership speaker, and church planter. He also holds the record for most certified training courses taken with Bridges. He is a life learner like none other. He’s not only taken Bridges coach training but is coach trained with noteworthy other organizations as well.

He says this of his Bridges training:  “Bridges training is highly relational coach training that is not transactional, except for getting contracts! I highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to invest in their leadership skills.”

Thanks Eric!

Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to help others live the life God intends for them?

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NOTE: *Occasionally trainees are assigned in triads. When this happens an additional half-hour is included at no extra cost.


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