3 Reasons To Use The Simple StoryBrand Killer Question And Where To Use It

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

We’ve been studying StoryBrand here at Bridges Coaching and we’d love to pass some of our key learnings on to you.

The “killer question” works in at least 3 ways.

  1. It sets up the value of the decision. If you don’t consider what you would be losing, it’s hard to recognize the worth of the choice.
  2. It helps with the timing. When you can focus on what you will be missing out on, it expedites the opt-in timing.
  3. It right sizes the “fear of first”. Even people who love new things don’t know what they will be like till they try them. For each of us, there are some questions and hesitancy about how things will go when we have never done them before.

Ready for the question?

Hang in there. Just a couple more thoughts.

This question is nearly invaluable in coaching conversations. It creates awareness in exceptional ways.

This question is one you need to weigh as you consider Coach Training or even Destiny Discovery.

Ok, here goes. The question is simply:

What is at stake?

Usually, this question refers to putting the decision off or not moving forward at all. What’s at stake if you don’t move forward with whatever you are considering.

When a person (let’s say you even), takes the time to truly answer the question "What is as stake?" whatever decision is being considered becomes clearer.

Here are a few options to consider.

If you put off coach training some of these things could be at stake:

  • Becoming familiar with tools that could help your people connect with God more clearly and own their own perspective and pace.
  • White space in your schedule because you won’t be having repeated conversations where people want you to fix their circumstances or tell them what to do. People will become more confident going to God directly instead of needing you to weigh in for them. (Hebrews 8:6-11)
  • Bearing the weight of helping people have peace and good perspectives. (Galatians 6:5)

What else may be at stake if you put off coach training?

If God has been whispering to you to do it, you may be putting off what’s next.

He usually puts one thing in front of us at a time and asks us to lean in before giving us another. Has he been whispering to you?

  • What’s at stake if you put off Destiny by Design?
  • Knowing your unique internal DNA
  • Pursuing the personal passion God has given you
  • Wasted time doing the same ol’, same ol’
  • Lives changed as you lean into your calling
  • Rich and abundant life as you become who you were meant to be

Whatever God is calling you to is worth whatever it takes to say YES!

Don’t put off your best next!


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