The One (And Only) Way To Sabotage Potential!

Tucked away perfectly in the tiny acorn is the potential for a mighty oak tree!

The only way that’s not going to happen is if the dear acorn is not nurtured. It needs little to flourish but the recipe is clear. There needs to be healthy soil, adequate moisture, available sunshine and a good location (climate wise).

Humans are like that too. We need nurturing to grow into all we could become.

We need healthy soil. It’s like a having a healthy soul where the weeds (lies) are not taking all the nutrients for themselves.

We need adequate moisture. The River of Life is available to us all. It is an underground spring where God can bring freshness and life to our inner man.

We need available sunshine. When God shines on our nexts everything changes. Our part is in the waiting. Some times it’s not sunny when we want it to be and it’s in the waiting that our roots grow deep. His timing is always perfect.

We need a good location. The right community and culture around you can make, or break, your dream’s potential of actuality. Choosing your church and being in a small group of like minded growth oriented people can change your trajectory!

Unlike the acorn, a human’s nurturing environment, or lack thereof, is their own responsibility. (A good coach can help though!!)

So, if you want sabotage potential, the one and only thing you need to do is neglect it!

Actually, there really are two things we need to grow into our potential. The first thing we need to know what our potential destiny is. In the case of the acorn it’s pretty obvious. Pretty much everyone knows what an acorn should be when it grows up.

It’s harder with humans. On occasion a person may know their obvious destiny, but for most of us it is a learning curve. There are things we need to discover about our personal and unique design and things we need find out about our God-given desires and dreams.

Whether you recognize your potential destiny clearly or are still figuring it out coaching can help!

Or, if you know where you are heading toward but need to take care in your nurturing, coaching can make all the difference!


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