Getting Rid of the Nagging Voice Within... [Destiny by Design #3 of 5]

We all have them. 

Limiting beliefs that nay-say to us whenever we want to move forward. 

They mock us with things like:

  • "You could never do that. It's too big for you to consider."
  • "You don't have what you need to even get started."
  • "You are not enough to even contribute toward that..."
  • "You don't even know what you are doing."

If we listen to these voices our potential future, our intended contribution to the kingdom of God can be thwarted before it even gets started.

Identifying what these limiting beliefs (lies) are and then learning how to diminish or eliminate them is the difference between having a dream and actually seeing a dream become a reality.

Limiting beliefs are lies that cloud our vision of ourselves, our circumstances, and how God wants to mee us right where we are at!

"Good" lies are like good poison. They seem good. They taste "right", but in the end, they can kill you.

Let me explain. 

You may actually not have what you need to get started, but that doesn't mean you couldn't get it. You dont need to be limited by what you already have, you just need to make a plan to get what you need. If you need finances, there are lots of options. If you need education or experience, you can get there from where you are.

Don't let the facts keep you from the truth! 

You can learn to identify your own limiting beliefs and how to defuse them! 

We can help!

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