What Really "Gets Your Goat"? [Destiny by Design #2 of 5]

Or maybe the question, "What keeps you up at night?"

"What raises your blood pressure?"

or "What makes you emotional?" - angry, or excited, or sad.

Learning to define your passion areas is just one of the markers in your divine design, your internal DNA.

Maybe you have a people group you really care about, or maybe it's a cause that needs investment. It could be that you are the type of person that wants to partner with another and be the hero that helps them get to their goal - your passion is helping! 

In the Destiny by Design course one of the projects is to look at your passion verbs, your own personal core desires. This was very insightful for me personally as I realized more about where I should be investing my time and energy.

You'll learn to write your own Life Purpose Statement and how to make decisions based on whether the available option is the best choice for you, and honestly whether you are a good fit for the option.

Getting traction to move toward whatever God has put on YOUR heart is closer than you think and possibly more valuable than you know.

Pastors often get asked why "the church" isn't doing something about this or that. 

NEWS FLASH: The church is made up of the people in it! 

If you have something on your heart that you wish someone one do something about, it may very well be that the someone who should do something is you!

Naming your thing and leaning in gives you the traction you need to be who you were meant to be!

You can do it! We can help!

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What are you waiting for?

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