Who On Your List? ~ Bridges Coaching Gifting Guide

You’re a person who wants to give meaningful gifts and we want to help!

For the first time ever Bridges is opening up our entire product line for Christmas gifting - who’s on your list?

Pastors, Small Group Leaders, Adult Children, Co-Workers, Aunts and Uncles, Parents and Grandparents?

If you’re like me sometimes it can be hard to find something meaningful to gift. We don’t want to just get something to check someone off our list, we want to give something with real value. 

Here’s the line-up Bridges is offering:

Traction: This beautifully inspiring workbook uses the same coaching principles from Bridges Life Coach training. Perfect for anyone interested in forward movement: the graduate, the retiree, your small group leader… pretty much anyone who wants to move forward in their faith. 


Soul Care Personal Retreat: 2020 has been rough on all of us. Know someone who may be feeling empty, overwhelmed, or hurting? Offer the gift of the Soul Care personal retreat so they can feel fueled, peaceful, and healthy! Your pastor, or any other caregiver, can use this printable guide and video pathway and schedule it however they would like - a weekend away, every Monday night or Saturday morning till it is finished or whatever works best for them. (Maybe you want this for your own Christmas list? Who doesn’t need a little Soul Care this year?)


Reframing: Know someone who’s been through a lot in their life? Eric Scott takes you with him as he reframes his own life in short devotional thoughts. Each chapter shares a story and a challenge to reframe your own life’s situations. Great for anyone who would enjoy an easy and funny, but thought-provoking, read.


Life On Purpose Personal Workshop: Want to help someone make 2021 the best it could be? This video workshop and printable workbook can be the game-changer they have been looking for. Help them Live their Life on Purpose with these steps toward discerning the next steps God has for them!


Coach Training: Who’s on your list that actively disciples others? We’re not just talking vocational ministers here, but anyone who has people who look up to them. If we’re honest, anyone who is a believer has people looking up to them, whether they want them to or not! The Coaching paradigm is not a trendy business practice repackaged for kingdom use, but rather the Biblical method to make disciples. Help your people help their people grow!

These videos are the same videos we use in the Coaching certification program, but you can gift them now and they include a workbook we will send from Amazon that includes the video notes as well as prompts to really engage in the process!


*This investment will also be offered as a discount should your giftee choose to move forward with certification.

Destiny by Design: Who needs a next? Destiny by Design was originally written for college-aged students wondering who they were meant to be, but over the years retirees, empty-nest moms, people in career transitions, and more have made up the bulk of the cohort participants. You could help someone change their trajectory by giving these videos and workbook as a gift!


*This investment will also be offered as a discount should your giftee choose to move forward with certification.

So, who’s on your list that could benefit from the meaningful gift of a kingdom infusion!

(And don’t forget - maybe you’d something Bridges for your own Christmas list!)

Merry Merry from all of us at Bridges Coaching!


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