Fours Steps To Moving Right Along

Defining your dream is a great start. And removing obstacles is a game changer.

But just like putting a destination in your GPS, and getting in your car is not enough, you can’t really get anywhere till you start driving.

Once you have decided where you are going, and you have done the hard work of defining and owning your obstacles, it’s time to start moving toward your goal.

Forward movement requires a few items.

  1. Define a path.
  2. Move forward on that path.
  3. Make adjustments as needed.
  4. Repeat until you arrive.

Sounds simple but it can truly be difficult at times. It’s easy to lose heart if you thought the pathway you were on would surely get you there and some obstacle gets in your way. That’s why #3 is so important.

Heb. 11:39 talks about those who died without receiving the promises they had hoped for and yet these folks are listed as a part of the great cloud of witnesses.

What if the win is about the journey and not so much about how many destinations you actually hit along the way?

Recently I have been chewing on an idea for a future book, or perhaps even a new coach training curriculum topic. I am still in the research stage, but I knew a next step for me was to bounce the idea off a marketing friend and see what he thought. In all honesty I wanted him to love the idea and run with it on his own or with a friend. He hit the ball back and challenged me to follow my dream if it was something I really thought was valuable. That wasn’t really what I hoped for, but it was still a big win for me. I knew my next step was to talk to him. I made a move and followed though. Now I need to make an adjustment and keep moving forward as I feel led.

It’s a win! Not because it ended as I had hoped, but because I didn’t let fear or doubt rule my actions.

My future is not dependent on his thinking this was a good idea. My future is dependent on my character and tenacity.

My success is rooted in an active relationship with God. Success is not hitting every marker on the first try. No one does that.

I’m growing in confidence. It feels good. And that is the win.

What about you? What’s your next?

Are you supposed to partner with someone?

Do you need a coach?

What should you try?

How can you make it SMARTer? (SMART goals)

In the Bridges Coaching ROAD – Action Steps in the A. You can move on down your ROAD by following these steps!


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