Do You Really Want To Go There?

Core Competency #8: Facilitates Client Growth

Coaching is all about choosing a targeted focus, exploring options, and setting SMART goals to move forward, but it's not always a straight line from here to there.

Good coaching goes under the surface and helps the client with more than simply what to do. A masterful coach assists their client by helping look "under the hood" so to speak. Helping someone understand why they are hesitant or worried or not good at counting the cost can be just as helpful as choosing action steps. Probably even more helpful.

If we can come alongside someone as they probe the depths of who they are, we can provide a safe place to nurture what is lacking, heal where there has been hurt, uncover unhealthy thought patterns and more. 

I've seen this in my own life. When I uncovered my tendency to skip the discerning part of the Working  Genius productivity model  I saw how I had invested so much time, and even money, into projects I never really bothered to discern it led me to ask different questions before starting new projects. Now I remind myself, "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should." 

What if people could avoid repeating similar mistakes to the last time? Or what if they could become aware of patterns that were holding them back? Going deeper is not only a side benefit of good coaching, it is something a skillful master coach is trained to offer.

Coach training helps you with tools to make disciples as you help people grow in their faith journey!


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