Coach Training Isn't Just For Professionals

Here are 5 other people groups we have seen benefit from coaching certification.


What a surprise! So many alumni took the training for another reason, but it has significantly affected their parenting. Whether their kids are preschoolers or full-blown adults, coaching shifts not only the conversation but especially the results!


Ever have a friend that keeps talking to you about the same thing(s) over and over. It's like they are stuck on repeat with the situation they are facing. A couple good coaching questions could change everything!

Adult Children

Talking to your parents about decisions they need to make as they age can be difficult. Coach training gives you the conversational tools to help create awareness without telling others what to do.

Business Leaders

Coaching isn't only for spiritual growth. Collaborative and self-motivated goal affiliation affects buy-in, productivity, longevity, camaraderie, and other vital markers in an organization. It's a win-win all around.

Small Group Leaders (or other spiritual leaders)

Feeling responsible for other people's spiritual growth is not only weighty it is not biblical.

Coaching helps you help people help themselves.

We've also seen professional coaches launch their careers and help people move toward their goals. 

And mostly we love seeing pastors freed from the heaviness of carrying burdens FOR people rather than teaching them how to go to God for themselves.

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