Coach Training Isn't Easy -- But It Is Totally Worth It!

...In fact, you should probably think it through before you consider it.

It’s not easy changing a personal paradigm, and almost everyone needs to make major adjustments.

It’s costly, not just monetarily, but it will take time and effort. It’s intense.

To be honest, it’s humbling.

It’s one thing to affirm the concept in theory and another to put its values into regular practice.


Coaching changed my life AND it has changed the people around me.

Here are some ways I have seen it actually accomplish end goals that would never have happened if I had not taken coach training.

  • Interactions with family are different now.
    * Marriage: One of the best surprises in my coach training was how it affected my marriage. I didn’t see that coming as I simply intended to use coaching in ministry, but what a wonderful asset it is to be able to love my husband more by listening well, believing in him, and hearing how the Holy Spirit is leading him.
    * Adult children: Before Coaching I would have felt responsible for my adult children’s decisions. Now, I find it rewarding and even fun to encourage them on their own journeys. My angst level is completely different than when I felt compelled to make sure they were doing things “right”.
    * Aging parents: When my dad was passing and my parents were downsizing, there were a lot of difficult conversations that needed to happen. Coaching gave me the wisdom to ask Empowering Questions and help them move toward the goals they wanted at the pace they were able to go.
    * Teenagers and young adults: When my own children were in these stages, active listening and coaching questions helped them (and me) grow in confidence as they moved toward independence.

  • My leadership has leveled up. I’m more impactful and I am able to set goals and move forward using tools I didn’t have before. And I am able to help those around me and those who report to me to be more intentional as well.

  • Personal ministry moments are more impactful for others and less stressful for me. I am able to trust God in new ways as I walk alongside people learning to discern His voice for themselves. The weight of having to have all the right answers or provision for someone else has been lifted. Oh, the freedom that brings!

So, while Coach Training isn’t easy, I know of no better return for your money or your time.

I believe coaching is in you.

Are you ready to engage

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