April's Quest! What's Your Next?

As I sat down to write this blog many times, I ended up getting interrupted by one of my 4 girls, my phone reminding me of the demands of life… or the laundry buzzer cutting through any ounce of concentration. 

Here I am though at 12:08 am determined to blog away. It’s finally quiet and time to introduce myself.

I could tell you about my really awesome husband, our girls that keep life exciting, the different jobs I work from home or the other important things (well, I sure think they are important) that I do. 

But, really, if there is one thing I want people to hear about, it’s how God poured His love into my heart at a young age, won my affection for life and silenced all wondering in my seeking teenage girl’s heart. He laid a solid foundation of acceptance that has stood strong through many storms.

Because I have experienced such security, I can’t help but want to see others enjoy that freedom as well. What a privilege it is to be loved so perfectly and be able to love. 

I have the honor of helping people discover God more personally, live with awareness, purpose, and peace in the process.

Most of us don’t actually get overwhelmed with the fact that we aren’t “there” yet AS LONG AS we know we are headed in the right direction and moving forward.

Even if the steps are small!

So often though, we get caught up in the demands of life and intentional growth gets buried. 

I facilitate the Bridges Coaching Destiny by Design course. 

In the course, we explore questions like:

  • What direction are you headed?
  • What is the best next step for you?
  • What holds you back from growing in areas you’ve wanted to for years?

More importantly (in my humble opinion),

  • Have you heard God tell you what He loves about you lately?
  • Do you know how you make Him proud?
  • Are you aware of what He wants to do in your heart because He knows it will bring life and break off the heaviness? 

Your distractions are probably different than mine, but it seems we are all in high demand these days making it hard to focus on “it”.

You probably know what “it” is because it tugs at you and keeps coming back.

Let His voice cut through like that laundry buzzer. 

Now may be the perfect time for you to join one of the 3 Bridges courses that are now open for fall registration.

Come discover and grow with us!

Destiny by Design Fall cohort forming now!

Coaching Culture Registration closing Sept 13th

Next Level Coach Training (private registration - open only for Bridges Certified Life Coaches)

Is it time to say "yes" to your next?


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