Donald Miller, StoryBrand & Coaching

Donald Miller first came on the national scene as the author of Blue Like Jazz. A movie was recently made of the book so you can catch that if you like, it's sad and may make some angry, but it's his story and was part of his journey to becoming a thought leader in explaining and understanding how people make decisions.

Today, Miller leads a marketing company called StoryBrand. He builds a premise for forwarding products that takes a refreshingly different, and surprisingly kingdom-minded, approach. 

We'll be taking a look at how the StoryBrand approach is in many ways similar to a good coaching session. 

In essence, Coaching is helping someone write the story they want to live.

What's your story? Are you who you want to be?

How about those around you? Those who look to you? Are you helping them write their stories?

Here's a quick overview of StoryBrand. (I found this on google, so I think it is okay to share it, but want to include a plug for the book by the same name, truly some good stuff in there - it's not just for marketers!)

We'll walk through each part of the Story looking at it through a coaching lens. 

I'll actually be writing a new chapter in my own story while you are reading this. Eric, my husband, and I are on Sabbatical and will be taking a break from connecting. Don't worry, there are other Bridges staff on deck if you have a question or want to sign up for anything. 

This fall we will be launching a Coaching Culture cohort for anyone interested helping people write their own stories. That course also includes 4 personal coaching sessions, so you can write a new chapter in your story as well! 

We'll also be offering another Next Level Coach training cohort. This deeper dive is only available to alumni of Coaching Culture. 

For information on all you can grow from through Bridges Coaching - check out our website! Maybe it's time to work with one of our Associate Coaches or consider the Destiny by Design course? 

In any event, you are writing your story with every decision you make or put off, and whether you know it or not you are helping others write their stories as well! More on that in the coming weeks!

Enjoy your journey! 


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