Why You Should You HALT Before You Move Forward?

[Tips and Tools Series]

I first heard this acronym from Josh Finley, my pastor at the time, and it stuck with me. 

It makes total sense, but when you are in the middle of stuff  - these tips are not usually our first go-to for some reason.


When we feel like this picture we probably all need to HALT and if you are coaching someone who feels like this, the most useful questions for them could be HALT type questions.

(I did a little research and can't give credit to any one source for HALT - so if you know where it originated please let me know!)

H- stands for hungry. Simple right? But if you have ever fasted or had to go without food for whatever reason, you know that hunger can cloud your judgment and things feel a LOT different and more manageable when you have had a good meal!

A- is for angry. If you have some unresolved issues, dealing with your anger will keep you from depression or aggression!

Do you need to forgive someone?

Do you need to frame up a crucial conversation?

Whatever your deal is acknowledge it and do what you need to do to be anger-free!

L- represents lonely. Quarantine brought out a next level of appreciation for human interaction in most of us. Even introverts were finding out how much they truly needed human interaction. It can be risky and even painful to reach out to others when you are lonely, but relationships bring so many things to your soul: a place to talk, a time to think of others, laughter, caring...

Here are some ideas to combat loneliness. Take a class or join a small group at your church, find a club around a hobby you have, set up a recurring connection with a friend, volunteer for a cause. There are others out there who could also use some interaction!

I find talking and listening to be wonderful angst busters. In fact, at least twice in the last couple of weeks, I have found myself explaining a situation to someone and found myself saying those words every coach loves to hear, "You know what I ought to do?" And another  "Aha" moment is born!

And the final letter.

T- is for tired. It's easy to ignore this one. What is it about staying up late that feels fun or makes you feel like you are free? Getting a good night's rest or adding in a weekend nap can be a game-changer in our outlook.

My husband always says, "Never make a decision in a valley". HALT first and rise up!

Whether you see yourself in that picture, or you are working with someone who could use a recalibration, I pray these simple tips will stick with you and be as valuable to you as they have been to me!

Peace be your journey!

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