4 Reasons I Don't Really Like Coaching...

Bet you didn't ever think I would have a list of reasons titled "Why I don't really like coaching?"

(And why God has better plans than me.)

Here is the honest truth.

1) I would rather have someone tell me what to do. It's hard work having to discern on my own. It would just be easier to have a go-to person who would talk out loud to me and give me step-by-step instructions.

(Turns out God wants a personal relationship with me and for me to have a growing adult relationship with HIm.)

2) I want to be that person for others all the time. I want to tell them what I think. I often feel people are being too risky, or taking too long to move forward, or not counting all the costs... a dozen things. It would be way easier to just share my brilliance than to help them discern the next steps God is guiding them toward.

(But what if? What if their risk tolerance is higher than mine because God made them that way and He IS guiding them toward that choice? What if I am being impatient with the timing and God has a journey instead of a quick fix in mind? What if the costs incurred are part of the process God has? Who am I to say how someone else should live their life or discern what God may be doing in the midst of their circumstances?)

3) Coaching is so slow sometimes....I want the cheat sheet that has "3 simple steps to get from here to there efficiently". 

(God is always about growing my character not ensuring my comfort. I used to say that to my kids all the time, but I guess I hoped I would get a pass when I got older. But, as they say, God's not finished with me yet.)

4) People are usually most comfortable leaving things as they are. We are all most comfortable leaving things alone, we make our world and live within it. Sometimes that can include being stuck but we would either prefer staying where we are or sometimes we really don't know how to get unstuck.

(Moving forward can be trying and costly. If it were easy we would already have done it. But it is always worth it to partner with God and move forward together. The journey can be part of the joy of life if we lift our heads up and keep moving forward.)

How about you? Does coaching come naturally? Do you love to be coached?

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