When You Know Who You Were Designed To Be, You Know Who You Are Meant To Become

Clarity seems to be a buzz word lately, especially in regards to goal setting.

I mean really, you absolutely need it to move forward well. No one orders an Uber but then fumbles with giving the driver a destination.

And yet...

Sometimes we do that with our lives.

It’s like the destination for our lives is more like a Sunday drive with no specific outcome clarified.

The Destiny by Design course includes an exercise that focuses on clarifying your Life Purpose Statement. When you have taken the time to drill down to your core and decipher your internal design, it becomes much clearer what your personal best nexts should be.

Clarity is a hoax when you fake it and pretend you have a clear next step.

Clarity is a hoax if you think it isn’t needed.

Clarity is a hoax if you feel it’s only general and not specific like you’re just supposed to be good all the time rather than knowing specifically what you are good at and how to invest in bringing your best self to the table.

Clarity doesn’t need to be elusive. Destiny by Design can help!

Real quick: DbD is a fun course built on a series of self-discovery projects.

Simply put, we believe when you know who you were designed to be you know who you are meant to become.

The course also includes a guided personal survey that makes a way for others to share what they see as your strengths and unique giftings (this is often an insightful project as people often think what comes naturally to them is common to all). There are four personal coaching sessions included alongside the sixteen group classes – 16!

That’s a lot of amazing focus time. The course culminates in the creation of your personal portfolio and clarity of your next step focus.

My favorite story is of a pastor who was going through a transition and asked to use his personal portfolio project as part of his interview process with a new church.

He got the job!

Is it time to stop navigating life like a Sunday drive and get some clarity?

The Destiny by Design course is open for registration, but not for long and there are limited seats!

Don’t just drive around in life, know where you are going!


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