What You Will Get, Or Miss From Coaching Training (Guest Blog by April Lonneville)

Editor's Note: April facilitates the Destiny by Design cohorts as well as peer pairs for Coaching Culture. She and her husband John have four girls and live in upstate NY. Our Destiny by Design course will help you unlock the personal path God has created for you, and learn how to lead others in finding their destiny as well. Simply put, we believe when you know who you were designed to be you know who you are meant to become. 

Most days were pretty good overall. We had a fairly consistent routine that kept things running smoothly. Smooth like that one road with the potholes and unexpected bumps that make you spill your hot coffee on your white pants (not that moms actually wear white pants, but you get what I am saying.)

I didn’t expect this season of high demand 'momming' to be easy. I expected having 4 girls would be messy and joyfully exhausting. But, this level of frustration that seemed to happen between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm had to change.

I wanted more connection but was experiencing the opposite. I had a thousand ideas but nothing nailed down and no mental space to process or come up with anything worth trying.

Then I experienced life coaching.

In a few conversations, we figured out that I didn’t need what I thought I needed. More one on one heart to heart conversations? Nope. More hugs, kisses, and affection? Nope. 2 fewer children? Definitely nope. A live-in nanny? Nope. Well, yes, but that wasn’t reality so I scratched that off.

What DID I need? A chore chart. A system that worked to get them to help carry the load and free up a little time for me to do what I wanted to do with them.

The space to talk that through and the accountability of the upcoming meeting with my coach pushed me to figure out and implement a chores and rewards system in one week. The excitement of seeing my efforts pay off kept me motivated when it felt relentless.

3 years later and that system is still a part of our everyday life. They help carry the load, have become quite good at their jobs, and free up more time for connection.

Floating thoughts and ideas can become clear goals. Good intentioned “shoulds” can become “I will”, and the “maybe someday” can become “today’s the day”.

As we make progress, energy, and motivation well up inside as we realize that what seemed so far off is now attainable. The life-giving flow of growth quenches something inside but leaves you thirsty for more. Sometimes it’s as simple as talking through the options and setting up an action plan while other times it may mean uncovering some of the roots to discover where the (sometimes sour) fruit is coming from so we can bear the healthy, whole fruit we desire.

If you feel unsatisfied with your current “here” maybe it’s because you’re ready for a coach to help you get “there”?

Life coaching won’t fix all of our broken places -- Jesus does that and He really is the best when it comes to our hearts. He paid a high price to take on that responsibility. But, it can help us figure out what IS our responsibility, get some of the details worked out, bring clarity and focus, help determine the worthy yes’s and the no, not now’s so we spend our time well and intentionally.

What could you get from life coaching? The opportunity for personal growth and the living water it brings to you and the people in your life. What could you be missing? The opportunity for personal growth and the living water it brings to you and the people in your life.

How long are you willing to be ok with the way things are right now? One place the grass is greener is where it’s alive and growing!

A life coach offers you the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to get growing.

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