Single Question Biblical Leadership Test (Do you lead like Jesus?)

I believe if you are a believer then you are a leader, because whether you like it or not, whether you realize it or not, people are expecting you to model Biblical living. 

It's not easy, but it can be simple.  

YOU DON'T NEED TO BE PERFECT,  but you do need to be intentionally growing and authentic about your pursuit of becoming like Christ.  

So what was Jesus really like? What did He promote as leadership?  

Matthew 23:11 says, "Whoever is your servant is the greatest among you."  

In my opinion, serving is the best, hardest, and yet simplest lifestyle choice we can make as believers. Let me explain.  

It is best because Jesus called us to it. His Kingdom ways are upside down from the world.  

It is hardest because it does not come naturally, it requires practice and patience as we all learn how to realize who He is to us and reflect Him to others.  

It is simplest when we just let go. I've recently learned I have a problem with being over-responsible (yes, that is a thing) and when I try to "improve things" I may not actually helping. I may actually be hurting the bottom-line outcome. If excellence, or follow-through, depends on me, then I must have a voice in all the things. Yuck. When I say it out loud it is so ugly.   

But what if I trusted the Holy Spirit.  

What if I asked empowering questions to help people grow more aware, rather than leaning on my own powers of observation.  


Are you serving others or not?  

If you value excellence, or emotional stability, or status quo (not changing things), or harmony, or safety, or whatever your natural focus goes toward, more than prioritizing the King and His kingdom - you are missing the mark.  

Serving yourself could mask itself as:

- doing whatever it takes to get things done (unaware of people's emotions)

- prioritizing harmony at all costs (over-concerned not to help people do hard things)

- being faithful to what has worked (not being open to change)

- going after whatever is "shiny"(shifting the plan on a whim)  

John 15:13 says, "The greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends."   O

f course, this verse's meaning could be literal, like in a wartime situation, but likely Jesus meant more to lay down one's own agenda or viewpoint to prefer someone else's thoughts.  

But how can we do that in real life? I'm so glad you asked.  

I believe Coaching = Serving and Serving = Leading so therefore 

Coaching = Leading by Serving

When we believe the Holy Spirit is a better guide than we are, we can trust His leadership and ask empowering questions that make disciples rather than enable dependents.

If you are ready to lean into Biblical Leadership through helping others move forward in their personal relationship with God, Coach Training could be your best next step!


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