5 Fears All Good Leaders Have

We all have them, or at least we should.

Good leaders want to hit the mark. They want to make a difference. They want to be worthy of following. Good leaders want to help others toward achieving clear goals and helping them get there in the best way possible.

That being said – here are five fears all good leaders have.

  1. Fear of missing the mark.
  2. Fear of being status quo.
  3. Fear of leading people in the wrong direction, or maybe just not the best direction.
  4. Fear of nebulous targets.
  5. Fear of a floundering pathway.

These healthy “fears” should fuel good leaders toward good leadership!

Yet most of us have probably had experiences where the goals were not inspiring and action steps were not actually clear. Sometimes, it seems we need to go back to a document or email to remember where we were going or what we supposed to be doing.

Good Coach Training will clear up these concerns and alleviate these fears once and for all!

Before understanding the coaching paradigm, it was common for me to identify goals and see what needed to be done and assume everyone else did too. That was mistake one.

Another common mistake was to announce goals. This happens a lot actually. Leaders decide on their own, or in leadership teams, what the goals for the organization are supposed to be and then they let everyone know what is going to be happening and what is expected of them. This rarely endears healthy buy-in but works well in a transactional environment.

With good coaching skills moving toward goals and making action steps is done in a conversational model. Whether it is an individual you are coaching or a team you are leading, determining the goal(s) and the steps needed to move toward is an activity done together.

When the objective is determined by the person being coached, the inspiration and motivation are internal. The pathway is personal and the pace is achievable.

In an organization, when the team is included in a coaching mentality the outcomes are collaborative, and the pathway creatively embraced rather than extrinsically imposed. Teamwork connection is exponentially enhanced!

Whether you are working with individuals, or lead a team, coaching can take you, your people, and your teams to next levels!

This fall’s cohort is starting to fill but there are still seats available. (Maybe don’t wait too long though.)

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