Why Jenn Was MAD At Me and What That Has To Do With Patrick Lencioni

Jenn is a business professional who goes to my church. She contacted me a number of months ago asking if there was any way I would mentor her. 

I responded with my usual thoughts about mentoring (Check out the mentoring blog here.) And that's exactly what she wanted. 

How fun!

Until our last session.

Jenn started out by pulling the Bridges "Traction" book out of her purse and told me she was "mad" at me and we would get to that later. We processed a work conundrum she was walking through and talked about the podcasts she had listened to since our last time together. She had asked me for book recommendations and so I had worked on a short list I thought might benefit her with descriptions of the books and whether they were secular or faith-based etc.

That's when she let me have it!

"Why is your book not on that list?", she asked in no uncertain terms.

"Your book has helped me more than almost any other I have read!"  (I mean, of course, I will mentor her if she says stuff like that right?!) "And I had to find it by stumbling across it on Amazon?"

"I don't know why you aren't promoting it more!?"

And this is where Patrick Lencioni comes in. His new Working Genius model gave me some clarity I needed on how I am built and how Bridges runs. Here's a quick overview. 

Patrick Lencioni and The Six Types of Working Genius - CUInsight

Lencioni says each of us has a primary pair of these geniuses that come naturally to us, a secondary pair and then the tertiary pair is where we are least competent. 

I am by far the least gifted at "G" - Galvanizing. I LOVE putting curriculum together and writing comes naturally for me, but trying to "rally people, inspiring them to take action" just isn't my thing. 

Maybe it feels un-coachy to try to get people to do stuff?

Maybe I'm just more introverted?

Whatever the cause, it is not easy or natural for me to promote.So, at Jenn's prompting, I'm stepping out here and sharing that if you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or just plan need a good devotional to guide you in your faith journey, Traction could be just what you are looking for!

It's a practical guide to:

  • Choosing a goal and clarifying it
  • Facing obstacles that have held you back
  • Making SMART goals so you don't stay stuck
  • Planning ahead to maintain the gain you are aiming for, rather than setting something up that you may never act on

You will receive many of the Coaching principles we share in Bridges Coach Training in a way you can move forward on your own. Do it personally, with a spouse or your family, or even a team at church or work.

Traction gives you what you need for forward movement! What's holding you back?

Bang for your buck, this is the best coaching investment you can make in yourself or for someone else.

[There you go, Jenn, happy now?]



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